Importance of Having Truck Nerf Bars

by : amanda nealy

Increasing the potential and functionality of your truck can be achieved by equipping it with various truck add-ons such as the nerf bars. These are tubular devices designed to act as an easy and sturdy step up to your truck. They are mounted right below the door of your truck and serve as a convenient way of accessing in and out of your rig. Since your truck possesses high ground clearance, these bars will provide a great deal of safety epically to children, older and short stature passengers. They make climbing aboard your truck easy for every passenger. Aside from that, they can also provide protection to the vehicles body sides whenever crossing rocky terrains. They are usually constructed from stainless steel, chrome or powder coated steel, and may vary in sizes and designs. These are sometimes called as step bars, boss bars, and step tubes. With their rigid built, they further provide structural integrity for your truck. Whether you are going traveling through snowy and rainy conditions or traversing real dangerous pavements, this nerf bar will give you that extra convenience and safety.

Aside from facilitating easy climbing in and out of your truck, truck nerf bars can also upgrade the muscular looks of your rig. Since they possess fine craftsmanship and smooth finish, they snugly fit and follow the lines of your lower body structure, making it look like factory installed. They are attached firmly to your vehicle via heavy-duty frame mounting brackets. With this sturdy reinforcement, these nerf bars can carry an impressive weight capacity of 300 lbs. Some heavy duty designs are supported via an aluminum frame under the stepping surface which can carry a weight capacity of 500 lbs. In order to be effective and endure the discriminating environmental conditions, these bars are made to be tough enough to withstand even the most punishing abuse. Recessed stepping bars are employed to provide additional strength. Treaded pads are incorporated in these bars to provide a tight grip on the step before you can safely climb into the truck.

Special features are integrated in the nerf bars such as their grooved patterns that are intended for channeling water away from the stepping surface, so accumulation of water is prevented. They also have non-slip stepping pads to avoid the incidents of dangerously sliding and falling off the bar while in the attempt of entering or exiting the truck. These can also act as an excellent place where you can keep dirt and grime off before having to reach the carpet. Having these useful add-ons on your truck will surely give you the peace of mind of having a secure step in and out of your truck. No matter how the weather rages, still you can be confident of climbing into your truck without feeling tensed that you might fall or slide. Always ensure that these bars are constantly at their proper conditions to avoid possible accidents and inconveniences. Make sure that all their connection points are okay. If signs of damage in their connections are evident, have them instantly repaired. But if damage to the entire bar is prevalent, replacing them is the best solution.