Kelley Blue Book Lists Vehicles With Best Interior Styling

by : Evander Klum

Today, unlike before, consumers are keener on the appearance of the vehicles they buy. The style and gadgetry that a vehicle offer now play an important part as much as what's under the hood, such that car parts like are now receiving more attention from both consumers and automakers.

Just recently influential auto resource Kelley Blue Book and its marketing research team have listed the brands with the best interior styling according to the results of its consumer automotive perceptions study. Results showed that Toyota brands have topped the rankings for four vehicle segments, with two of America's Big Three taking a top spot as well as one German.

For the luxury sedan category Lexus took the top spot, while Toyota took out the best non-luxury sedan, non-luxury SUV and minivan categories. The remaining spots were taken by Mercedes-Benz for best convertible or sports car, GMC for best truck interior, and finally Cadillac, with the best luxury-SUV cabins.

Here is the list of the top three brands in each segment as rated by Kelley Blue Book:

Kelley Blue Book Brand Watch Study: Interior Styling

    Convertibles/Sports Cars
  1. Mercedes-Benz

  2. Porsche

  3. Lexus

  1. GMC

  2. Chevrolet

  3. Cadillac

    Mini Vans
  1. Toyota

  2. Honda

  3. Dodge

    Luxury SUVs
  1. Cadillac

  2. Lexus

  3. BMW

    Non-Luxury SUVs
  1. Toyota

  2. Chevrolet

  3. Ford

    Luxury Sedan
  1. Lexus

  2. Mercedes-Benz

  3. Infiniti

    Non-Luxury Sedan
  1. Toyota

  2. Volkswagen

  3. Honda

A similar study was also run by automotive industry publication Wards Auto, which polled thousands of readers including more than 1400 professionals to find the individual cars with the best interiors. Of the 34 cars, which were picked from 11 different categories, four came from the Big Three and two were from Honda.

The cars were judged based on comfort, safety, and design harmony, and the model that beat out every car on the market was the Lexus LS 460L, which took home the 'Best Overall Comfort' award.