Chevy Tahoe Z71 Introduced in Dubai

by : Anthony Fontanelle

The Chevrolet Tahoe units sold in the Dubai auto market are now offered with more off-road driving capabilities. This is because General Motors decided to offer the Chevy Tahoe Z71 in that particular auto market. The Z71 is what General Motors calls its optional special off-road suspension package. This means that Dubai light truck buyers will be treated to a vehicle with better off-road trucks. This suspension setting complements the already sturdy construction of the Tahoe which makes it a favorite among off-road driving enthusiasts not only in Dubai but across the globe as well.

The introduction of the Chevy Tahoe with the Z71 suspension setting is complemented by a redesigned exterior and interior. The front end of the Chevy Tahoe has been redesigned which makes it look bigger and bolder. The redesign involved making the recovery hook opening bigger. The fog lamps are also redesigned to match the bold design cues of the front fascia.

To complement the off-road performance-oriented suspension setting, the Chevy Tahoe Z71 is offered with eighteen-inch wheels. On-road/off-road tires are also part of the Z71 package.

The front end of the Tahoe is elevated by 24 degrees compared to its predecessor. This makes the light truck more adaptable to clear obstacles on the ground. The Chevy Tahoe with the Z71 package will also be equipped with skid plates to protect its underchassis from the hazards of off road driving. These additions complement the responsive handling that the Tahoe is known for and its class leading fuel efficiency.

"It is the first time that we offer the Z71 Off-Road package in the Middle East," says Samer El Khalil, the Middle East marketing manager for Chevrolet SUVs. "The Z71 takes a vehicle that already delivers segment leadership in a number of areas and adds extreme off-road capability to safety, reliability, fuel efficiency and superior ride and handling."

The new Chevy Tahoe offered in Dubai and elsewhere is developed by General Motors using its new auto platform for full-size SUVs. The platform is characterized by a full-boxed frame for added protection. Another feature offered by the new General Motors platform is the coli-over-shock suspension setting for the front end of the vehicle. As for the handling of the vehicle, its front and rear tracks are widened to give the vehicle an enhanced stability. This is complemented by a rack-and-pinion steering gear system. Stopping power for the off-road driving machine is provided by and its corresponding brake rotors.

The interior of the Chevy Tahoe with the Z71 upgrades is improved. According to General Motors, the Chevy Tahoe Z71 comes with a premium interior design. This means that the quality of materials used in the new Tahoe is better than what is used on its predecessor.

Powering the Chevy Tahoe is a Vortec 5.3-liter V8 engine. This massive V8 can produce as much as 355 horsepower and 504 Nm of torque. The class leading fuel economy of the Tahoe is made possible by the Active Fuel Management system that its engine is equipped with. According to General Motors, the Chevy Tahoe can consume 11.7 liters of fuel for every one hundred kilometers traveled. That figure is better than the gas mileage rating of any full-size SUVs.