Mazda Mx-5 Setting New Guinness World Record

by : Kraig Johanssen

Mazda MX-5 famous around the world as a lightweight, open top, two seat sports car has recently set a new record as total production of the roadster reaches 800,000 units.

This important milestone was reached within the span of seventeen years and nine months right after the first production of the MX-5 started way back in April of 1989. The Roadster was certified as the world's top selling lightweight, open-top, two seat sports car by the Guinness World Records of United Kingdom in the year 2000 when Mazda reached 531,890 units of produced MX-5.

And now Mazda is once again reapplying with the Guinness organization to have its record updated as its cumu8lative production reaches 800,000 units.

The presently available third generation MX-5 features a much better driving performance which is attributed to the meticulously reduced body weight, balanced weight distribution, and also to the latest features that are follows the safety and environmental requirements. Last August 2006, Mazda has added the Power Retractable Hard Top model to the Roadster lineup.

The introduction of the Power Retraceable Hard Top that features an electric roof system that doesn't reduce cargo space has provided the world with another first in the field of car technology. Mazda plans to continuously upgrade the Roadster and at the same time still carry forward the original concept of "Jinba Ittai"-which is concept that sees the rider and horse as one.

According to S Kasthurirengan, General Manager, Towell Auto Centre, Oman, "To date, the MX-5 Roadster has won more than 40 awards, including 2005-2006 Car of The Year in Japan and 2007 Car of the Year in Thailand. Its world acclaim is invincible and we are glad to showcase such exhilarating cars from the Mazda family."

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