Installing the Mazda Header for Improve Engine Performance

by : John Garett

The exhaust system of every Mazda vehicle is made up of a number of performance parts and accessories, and one of these is the Mazda Header. The various exhaust components play an important role in making sure that the performance of the automobile will always be reliable on and off the road. Among the many exhaust parts and accessories installed in Mazda vehicles, the Mazda Header is one of the easiest bolt-on components that Mazda drivers and vehicle owners can use and install to improve the engine's performance and its horsepower output. This performance part is basically a must for those vehicle enthusiasts who want to tweak the performance of their Mazda and bring in a new kind and a better performance. The is typically the tubular steel exhaust manifold that is rarely supplied as original equipment in Mazda vehicles. Rather, this accessory is often purchased and secured in specialty automotive shops by enthusiasts who want to upgrade the performance of their Mazda. This type of exhaust tube is typically lighter than its cast iron counterpart and is usually designed to be smooth flowing, effectively creating less backpressure while improving the horsepower of the vehicle at the same time. This particular exhaust device is crafted to effectively direct the exhaust gases away from the combustion chambers and transmit them to the exhaust pipes for their discharge. Vehicle owners can typically locate the exhaust header just beneath the intake manifold area, bolted directly onto the side of the cylinder head. There are two types of headers that can be used in automotive applications. There is the collector style header that typically uses pipes to be merged into a collector and can be utilized with the mufflers. The zoomie headers, on the other hand, have no collectors and are traditionally used on street or race cars. The headers which are available in specialty automotive shops are among the easiest bolt-on exhaust accessories that drivers can have in their Mazda vehicle. This device can easily be relied upon to deliver the right performance on and off the road. Every Mazda Header is crafted for a faster flow that will effectively eliminate the stock manifold's backpressure design. Instead of the usual set-up wherein the common manifold will share a cylinder, each of the cylinders will get its own exhaust pipe. All these pipes will come together in a larger pipe that is called the collector. The pipes are cut and bent to be of equal length. This usually guarantees that each cylinder's exhaust gases arrive in the collector spaced out equally and there will be no backpressure generated by the cylinders that occupy the same collector. The exhaust headers may come in a number of sizes and shapes for different applications that will ultimately suit the needs of every Mazda model. These performance devices can also be customized to match and meet the specific needs of drivers and vehicle owners. These performance exhaust device is a must for those Mazda owners and enthusiasts who like to improve the performance of their Mazda vehicle on the road and get the best horsepower output from it.