Jeep Header Panel

by : Miranda Restelle

A Jeep was designed to endure rough outdoor activities. In fact, it was initially produce to serve as a universal vehicle way back before World War II. Even before, it was expected that the Jeep will encounter mud, rocks and other harsh elements which may harm the vehicle. Even if Jeep vehicles are made to withstand these elements, at some point they will cause some damage to the vehicle.One of the most vulnerable component would be the the front part of the Jeep, since it will get the initial encounter. This may cause some internal problem because the main components of a car like the engine, are mostly located in front. A Jeep's body is especially made to bear some external beatings it may encounter during rough drives outdoors. That is why aside from the tough body, Jeep has come up with numerous car parts that will enhance the performance of a car.

A good example is the . This particular component is actually less exposed and noticed because most of the time it is concealed by the other elements installed to it. The Jeep header panel is the front bodywork which holds the grille, the headlights and the corner lights. Its functionality add some style as well. In fact, whenever the front components are modified, the header panel would likely to be replaced to suit transformation.

As mentioned before, the Jeep header panel holds some of the important front elements of a car, like the grille, which allows air to flow over the radiator and cool the engine compartment. The header panel also hold parts of automotive lighting system. The headlights which are very important especially when driving in a dark road. They help drivers see what is ahead of them to avoid accidents. Headlights would be especially helpful for Jeep drivers, since they are more inclined to travel on various terrains. Without the Jeep header panel, it is likely that all these elements to fall off even without any collisions.