World-standard Jeep Muffler to Push Out Exhaust

by : John Garett

Critical part of the waste aftertreatment components of the Jeep exhaust system is the muffler. It is a noise-reducing device that is typically fitted on the rear end of the exhaust pipe. From the combustion chambers, engine exhausts are funneled into the Jeep muffler before they are released into the atmosphere. Here, the fumes undergo a process called destructive interference, which aims to resonate the opposing sound waves of the exhausts until they cancel each other out and eliminate the explosion of the gas when they are released. But because stifling the sound of the exhausts requires holding up the gas inside the resonating chambers of the , fumes buildup is a chronic problem among exhaust system setups. Called backpressure, fumes buildup is characterized by an inefficient aftertreatment of the exhausts. In the event that fumes get trapped in the exhaust system, it often requires a push from the engine to force them out, consuming a considerable amount of horsepower. In order that the Jeep exhaust system can treat engine waste and at the same time streamline the exhaust flow, the Jeep muffler design is considered an important consideration. Jeep mufflers are available in cherry bomb and glass pack varieties. Characterized by a perforated pipe network, these types of Jeep mufflers put less restrictions on the exhaust flow. Jeep mufflers are made up of a series of baffles that absorbs and dampen exhaust sound. But exhaust noise is not absorbed by the baffles, but by the interference inside the muffler. This is achieved by the clashing of the sound trapped inside the chamber. The sound absorption capability of the Jeep muffler is accomplished through the layer of glass insulation fitted on the Jeep muffler pipe. To further absorb the pressure pulses of the exhausts, the Jeep muffler has a steel billet surrounding the insulation. Compared to the traditional mufflers used in sound reduction, the free flow of exhausts in the cherry bomb and glass pack Jeep mufflers adds an engine-optimizing functionality to the system.