Dont Buy Performance Exhaust Headers

by : Mike Rosania

Making $11.50 an hour as a forklift driver at Dixieline I have to save up for a while to buy performance parts and I have to choose my products carefully. I saved up for a power programmer and that certainly helped my quarter mile times. And, the previous owner had added a Magnaflow exhaust system so I didn't need to touch that. So, I asked around and it was suggested to me that I look into an aftermarket performance exhaust header. My friend told me that I could expect horsepower gains of anywhere from 10-40 horsepower.

I started doing some research by going to my local auto parts store but they seemed too expensive, I only had about $500 to spend. So, I turned my attention to the internet. I looked at JBA headers and Pacesetter headers. The JBA headers were more expensive then the Pacesetter brand. But I have heard of JBA and not Pacesetter. I had to ask myself if the JBA brand was worth almost double the price.

The JBA headers were stainless steel, so they have that "wow" factor. The base-model Pacesetter headers are just black. Both are mandrel bent and come with all the necessary mounting hardware. JBA comes with a lifetime warranty and Pacesetter only has a 3 year warranty. But my GT already has 78,000 miles, it isn't going to be around for a lifetime.

The choice was simple and I went for the Pacesetter headers. I spent about $250 with tax and I got free shipping. I installed them myself in about half a day - I am not the best mechanic in the world but the detailed instructions eventually sunk into my head and I got them on. The horsepower gain was immediately apparent and the sound of my engine has never been sweeter. Sometimes I just go out to my car, start it up and rev the motor just to hear the sound.

Anyways, here's why you shouldn't buy performance headers because, now I am ripping it up at the local track. I even finally smoked that supercharged Scion that put my GT to shame two months ago. Take that you rice burner!