The Ultimate Braking Partners

by : John Garett

Any vehicle's braking system is the most important part of the car if drivers are talking about safety and protection. Driving with any broken part of the braking system is having a death wish that will be easily and perhaps quickly granted. There are several components that make up the whole of the General Motor's (GM) braking system. Two of them are the GM Brake Booster and the GM Brake Shoes.The GM Brake Booster does exactly what the name implies - to boost the vehicle's brake. The GM Brake Booster enhances the brake force even when the brake is just lightly pressed. This is located between the brake master cylinder and firewall of the car. Thus, a light tapping on the brake would be translated as a great pressure on the brake master cylinder, making the the vehicle stop or slow down.The GM Brake Booster uses the vacuum produced by the car's engine when it is running. This vacuum is taken from the engine through a rubber hose that is connected to the intake manifold. This is what the GM Brake Booster use to intensify the pressure put on the brakes. Since the brake booster could only take vacuum whenever the engine is running, car engineers then made the to store vacuum so that even after the engine dies, the brake booster could still give a full two to three pedal boosts.The GM Brake Shoes, on the other hand, functions as the curved metal that forced down and stops the rotation movement of the wheel and or the brake drum. There are different brake shoe lining that are suitable to the driving styles as well. GM Brake Shoes, like others, are available in organic, semi-organic, and carbon too.Its function already tells how much stress it has to endure, thus the usual wear and tear problems are the part's natural enemy. Maintenance is the only key to keeping the GM Brake Shoes in their best condition for a long time and this should be done on a regular basis. But if things go from worse to worst, then the only probable answer to the problem is to have it replaced with a brand new . The same can be said for the GM Brake Booster. Replacing these braking parts wouldn't be a problem anyway as there are a lot of aftermarket retailers that offer a variety of GM Brake Booster and GM Brake Shoes.