Suv Without Thirst

by : Vladimir Melnikoff

Porsche reacts with an economical hybrid drive to the climatic discussion. The large volume sporty jeep Cayenne is offered for the end of the decade with a combination of gasoline and electric motor (hybrid). Also a strong mark such as Porsche must offer drive solutions with low consumption and emission values, said the leader to the hybrid development, Michael of leader, in the Porsche development center in white oh (circle Boblingen). Otherwise the social acceptance from Porsche begins to crumble to.

Porscheis that the sensitivity of the buyers will in the future substantially increase regarding the environmental compatibility of their vehicles, meant convinced leader. It rejected criticism at the behavior of the German automobile industry in connection with the development of hybrid drives. However Porsche succeeded it in the past 15 years to reduce the CO2-Ausstoss each year by 1,7 per cent - "a peak value in the automobile industry". But for large volume upper class vehicles one pushes now to physical borders. The Porsche manager admitted that the hybrid drive is brought primarily with the name of the Japanese Autobauers Toyota in connection. From that scarcely nine million in the past year Toyota sold however to only approximately 300,000 hybrid cars were. It might have made still no manufacturer with hybrid drives money.

Hybrid co-operation with VOLKSWAGEN and Audi
Porsche develops its hybrid as well as Volkswagen and Audi. The combination of the three main components petrol engine, electric drive and battery is to be offered also in the four-door Sportcoupe Panamera, which is to come 2009 on the market. In addition one is concerned with Porsche for other models also with the topic asynchronous operation technology, which can likewise lower the fuel consumption clearly. In the hybrid Cayenne the electric motor will carry (plus 280-PS-Benziner) and a pure electrical work up to a speed of 120 kilometers per hour for 54 HP out will permit. The CO2-Ausstoss will be approximately about 216 gram per kilometer. The two other German Premium Autobauer BMW and Mercedes develop at present together with the US company general of engine of hybrid drives.