Smooth Gear Shifting With an Axle Assembly

by : Anthony Fontanelle

There are many parts in a vehicle that account for the rotation of the wheels - the steering wheel, the shifting gears, and the axle assembly. The car's axle assembly is a combination of an axle shaft, CV-joint (constant velocity) and sometimes a U-joint. It's main function is to transfer the rotational force coming from the transmission to the wheels. Thus, with its function, it is normally found on front and 4-wheel drive vehicles, trucks, and high-end rear-wheel drive European cars. This ensures that the high performance of the engine is transmitted to wheels in a manner that it is still at its full potential, but within the control of the driver.

Because of this, Saturn Corporation, one of the makes of General Motors, pays extra attention in the production of their Saturn Axle Assembly. They commit to giving only comfort to their customers, and comfort is what they give. They just don't put comfort on the seats but on the whole of the ride as well, and so they make their Saturn Axle Assembly with much effort. This way, shifting gears won't be much of a hassle anymore.

As what's mentioned before, axle assembly is found in 4-wheel drives and sports utility vehicles like the Saturn models. Putting that in mind, anyone could come to the conclusion that Saturn Axle Assembly is always faced with much stress on the road. With the difficult terrain and off-roads that these SUVs usually travel in, the Saturn Axle Assembly becomes real prone to damage. The bumps and potholes found on the road can really cause harm to the drivetrain, specifically its component parts. The axle shaft can give stress to the CV-joint or even a U-joint if not handled properly. The transfer of the gear should be seamless and so the parts must be meticulously greased and be kept safe from dirts outside.

Therefore the drivetrain should always be working at its best. The rubber gasket or the boot, which protects a CV-joint from dirt should always be checked for cracks or leaks. These dirts could contaminate the whole and can cause damage for the joints. This contamination could be the worst damage they could get as repairing it won't help, and even flushing these contaminants may even worsen the problem.

So it is just anyone's bet is, that the only preventive measure drivers could do is to drive their cars carefully especially when in rough roads. Also, have a routine checkup. However, if worse comes to worst and a driver would need to replace his Saturn Axle Assembly, then they just need to go to their trusted auto parts store that has OEM quality parts for the axle assembly.