Gm Daewoo Gets Warning From South Korean Consumer Agency

by : Evander Klum

General Motors Corporation has been announced several recalls this year. Most of the GM vehicles called for recall in the US car market were found to have faulty car parts -- prompting government agencies like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NTHSA) and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) to ask automakers like GM (maker of ) to conduct recalls on their malfunctioning vehicles.

Just recently, the General Motors Daewoo Auto & Technology Company based in South Korea was reported to have received a warning from South Korea's state-run consumer protection agency because of growing complaints over malfunctioning parts found in its Captiva Sport Utility Vehicle.

According to the Korea Consumer Agency, these cars were found to be dangerous because of the unidentified flaws found on the GM Daewoo's Captiva SUVs. The car is being sold in South Korea under the name of Winstorm. Officials are worried that if these car problems are not fixed, it will cause accidents and in worst cases, maybe even death.

"Though no exact reason has been identified so far for such defects in the engine area, it could undermine a consumer's driving safety," said the agency.

According to the news, the car problem can also be causes of major engine problems like power loss which will result to the reduction of speed when the driver speeds into the accelerator.

No injuries or death has been reported. However, several complaints were received coming from customers about an unexplainable change of speed in the car.

The General Motor Daewoo Officers did not make any comment about this matter.

General Motor Daewoo Corporation is the third largest car maker in South Korea, and is a joint venture of General Motors Corporation and Daewoo Motors. General Motors Daewoo is also on among the distributors of vehicles of GM worldwide. Almost 10% of the cars produced by General Motors are made in GM Daewoo. The most famous car brand made under the corporation is the Winstorm SUV which shares its platform from the current Chevrolet Captiva in the US car market.