Financing the Next Car Purchase? Make Sure you Get the Best Deal

by : khalid r mustaffa

For many people buying a car is the second biggest financial decision after buying a house. The number of consumers that are choosing to finance a car is constantly increasing, this is due to considerably low prime rate. If you choose to be a consumer that finances their next car purchase, you are about to find some interesting information to follow.

To ensure being in the best financial situation, you need to contact lenders on your own, especially the bank that has your primary checking account. Even if the dealerships are to contact the financing banks on your behalf, you should do the homework before visiting the dealership. Find out what sort of deals bank are willing to offer you. A very strong weapon that the average consumer is not aware of , is that within 14 days you can apply for as many "CAR Loans" as you want, and as far as your credit score is concerned, all will count as one.

Compare the financing offers you obtained at your own, to the ones the dealerships are offering you, and take the one that suite you better. You should be comparing the Annual Percentage Rate(APR), Annual percentage yield(APY), and the length of the loan. Do not get miss lead by the payment, concentrate on the amount paid after financing. Sometimes, dealers run low financing offers for certain cars, this is to help them reorganize their inventory. These rate are sometimes less than the prime rate at the time, which means the lender is lending you money for less than they are getting for. In this case, make sure you are getting a price for the car that justifies for the low interest rate.

If you were to pay the car over 4 years, Which out of the two deals would you want to be in? (0% financing, car price $12,000) or ( 5% financing, car price $10,000)? To simplify the issue, the 5 percent option you would end up paying $11,055, where the 0 percent financing you end up paying $12,000 for the car.
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