High Quality Pontiac Brake Hose for Smooth Brake Fluid Flow

by : Anthony Fontanelle

Protecting yourself from car accidents would be next to impossible if your Pontiac has not been equipped with all the necessary safety equipments-and among these is the braking system. It is one of the active safety components of your car that is directly associated with your car's ability to prevent road accidents. Because it is a system, it is basically made up of various car components that play a unique role in your car's braking assist. They depend upon each other, so the failure of one braking system component to perform its intended function would definitely affect the braking performance of your Pontiac. The brake fluid is among the important elements of your braking system that aids in the efficient braking of your car. This element is a viscous fluid that acts as a lubricant from the moving parts of your braking system. It has a high boiling point, and it is specifically designed to match its environment of high pressure and high temperature parts. The two types of brake fluid that can be used in your car are Polyglycol and silicone.

Your car would not be able to benefit from the braking fluid if it could not be transmitted properly to the various braking system components of your Pontiac. It's a good thing your car is made up of brake lines and hoses that does this job. The Pontiac brake hose is a braking system component that forces the brake fluid by the movement of the master cylinder pistons. If you look under the hood of your Pontiac, you will see this braking system component originating from the chassis of your car as it runs through the front and rear suspension. A typical Pontiac brake hose is made up of special tubing that is bonded into 2 layers of heavy duty nylon sheathing and is protected by an external rubber cover. Because of its flexible nature, this car component makes your suspension move all throughout the range of its travel. Aside from that, your is engineered with metals at each end so that it could send out brake fluid even in intense pressure.

Your Pontiac brake hose has been built to be highly resistant to extreme temperature, high pressure and corrosion. As a matter of fact, some brake hoses have been constructed with Teflon and other synthetic materials. But because nothing lasts forever, your brake hose would sooner or later wear out due to constant exposure to harsh environments, flexing, and high pressure in your lower chassis. The inner tube of your Pontiac brake hose will be the first one to get damaged. When it collapses and separates from the nylon sheathing, it could result to overheated brakes and a dragging caliper-which means a very dangerous handling condition. But do not worry, you can easily tell that your brake hose has been damaged if you have been noticing some leaking fluid on the brake lines. Spongy or swollen brake hose is another indicator that it needs immediate replacement. So do not think twice on replacing your worn out brake hose with a new one when you notice that it is exhibiting those wear and tear signs to ensure a safe driving.