Ensure your Safety With a Pontiac Turn Signal Assembly

by : Anthony Fontanelle

The automotive lighting system is composed of the lighting and signaling devices that are located in the front, rear and side of any vehicle. It is the main function of the light to illuminate the road for the driver especially during the night when the visibility is low. A quality set of lights gives all of us the freedom of movement to venture out onto the road no matter what the driving conditions are. Without these very crucial lights, our time on the road will be limited to the brief period between sunrise and sunset. Lights also give you the visibility so that other vehicles and pedestrians can see you. Another function of the light is to serve as warnings or signals for other vehicles of your plan to change lanes or direction, cornering or parking. These lights are what you call your Pontiac Turn Signal Assembly.

This Pontiac Turn Signal Assembly, (sometimes called directional indicators or directional signals, also indicators, directional, blinkers) is mounted on the four corners of your Pontiac and is used to signal a turn. It is activated by means of a protruding lever near the steering column. Pushing the lever upward or downward would mean a signal to the right or the left and the direction in which the lever must be moved is the same direction the steering wheel will be making the turn. It was made in such a way that the direction in which the lever must be moved is intuitive; the lever movement is the same direction as the steering wheel must be turned for the car to make either a left or a right turn. Although it wasn't until 1939 before these turn signals were widely offered by major automobile manufacturers they are now required on all vehicles driven on public roadways in most countries. Pontiac Turn Signal Assembly must also comply with the standards set by the law on the intensity level and angles of visibility to ensure that the lights are visible at all relevant angles, do not dazzle, and can be used during the day and nighttime. There is a stipulated minimum and maximum permissible intensity levels for the turn signal lights. These are supposed to blink at a steady rate of 60 to 120 blinks per minute. Other vehicles even have the tick-tock sound generated by the blinking.

The signaling of a turn is a safety measure that all drivers should instinctively do. It is not only for the safety of your passengers but also of the other vehicles as well as pedestrians whose actions are dependent on the indications you make for your next operation. For those vehicles in the US, the lights emitted by the should be amber for the front and either amber or red for the rear. Outside of the United States, it is required that all front, rear and side signal lights produce amber light as well as repeaters which are located on the side are required. Some car manufacturers, especially pick-up trucks, have even incorporated the signal lights on their side view mirrors so that you sometimes see them showing a red chevron on their mirror that lights up when the signal light is turned on.