5 Ways to Rent a Car on a Budget

by : Arthur Raise

Do you need to rent a car without overspending? Well you can rent a car online on a small budget. Renting a car can be both confusing and expensive unless you know how to get a good reliable car at the lowest rental.

Never get carried away by advertisements or the thought of a stretch limo. Try and be practical and first determine how much you want to spend. Then make a list of what you will be using the car for and how many people will be traveling. If it is within a city you could choose a small car. If you want to travel long distance with more than three passengers you will need at least a sedan.

Here are a few tips that will allow you to book a rental car on a budget:

1.Use online car rental services. Check more than one site like Travelocity.com, expedia.com, Priceline.com and so on. Get knowledge of kind of cars, services, as well as rates. Next check car rental company websites and check whether they are offering higher or lower rates.

2.Look for discounts and special offers.

3.When you determine rental costs be sure to include fuel, insurance, taxes, service charges, costs of baby seats and so on. If you really need a rental car on a small budget all costs must be a part of what you want to spend or you will go out of pocket.

4.Be clever if a rental car company is out of economy cars don't give into their promotional spiels and get ready to spend higher amounts. If you keep insisting on only economy the chances are they will give you a larger car at the same economy cost just to keep your business from going to the competition.

5.Learn to cut costs of car rental by carrying a rental car rider on your car insurance, not pre-paying for gas, supplying your own car seat, and never hiring a car from an airport and paying more.

The mechanics of being in a budget means thinking ahead and planning. Learning what is essential and what is extra. So when renting a car on budget you must:

a.Comparison shop.
b.Always pick up and drop the car, unless the service is free.
c.Keep a list of to dos so that the car rental company does not charge you any extras for gasoline or cleaning the interiors of the car.

According to experts renting a car online has many benefits. You just need to protect your interests by renting from a reliable and reputed car rental company and not from fly-by-night operators.