Safety Features You Should Keep In Mind When Buying Sports Cars

by : Gregg Hall

Everyone that loves sports cars generally place looks and performance above safety when buying a sports car, but you should consider how safe it is to drive. There are two main types of safety features that you need to consider first and foremost: functional safety and inactive safety.

The category of functional safety includes the features needed to prevent the automobiles from accidents. This includes effectual brakes, responsive clutches and dependable suspension. Some of these functional safety features are listed below. You should familiarize yourself with of each feature so that you know what to look for when you think you have spied your ideal sports car.

The first safety feature we will look at is called the Electronic Stability Systems. This particular safety feature has the ability to sense when an automobile is out of control and works with the wheels by using discriminatory braking to specific wheels. It also includes the traction control and anti-lock brake system. This is a safety feature that is found mostly on luxury sports cars because it is so expensive.

The Anti-Lock Brake System or ABS lets automobiles come to stop rapidly and still continue to be easy to maneuver. Anti-lock brake systems are triggered by applying intense pressure so you need to learn how to do this. Don't just rely on moderate pressure to avoid sliding, it won't work.

Another great safety feature is Effective Traction Handling which helps automobiles maintain their grip on the road even while accelerating. This characteristic is mostly advised for rear-wheels as it helps reduce back up and employs the use of power-assisted brakes to a rotating wheel.

The other category, inactive safety features are those that protect the driver and other passengers if the functional safety features are unsuccessful. This category includes the following features:

Adjustable headrests should be more aptly named head restraints because they prevent the head from snapping back and forth when there is a collision if they are adjusted properly. They should be adjusted in accordance with the occupants' height to be more effective.

Another inactive safety feature found in most vehicles is the airbag. Automobiles that have airbags for all passengers and cover the front and sides are ideal and significant. This is a feature that has become mpre dominant in recent years.

When you take a vehicle for a test drive, remember to ascertain the distance of the airbag from you - the most reliable gap for optimum safety is 10 inches away from the airbag. Move the seat back to a relaxed position and check i to make certain there is approximately 10 inches between the airbag and yourself.

Seat belts while one of the oldest safety devices are also an important feature in car safety. Seat belts can assist in saving you and your family in case of automobile accidents. Make sure that the vehicle has adjustable shoulder harnesses so that the belt can be adjusted to fit to the passenger's height.