Maximizing Fuel Efficiency

by : Evander Klum

There is a host of factors that need to be considered when looking for a car. One major consideration is that a car must have highly effective safety features that will ensure maximum protection for its driver and passengers in case of any accident. As passenger safety is important, so is environmental protection. A car must be hooked up with an exhaust system that delivers efficient engine performance yet do not give off harmful and excessive emissions. Together with the concern for a car's total performance is its fuel consumption feature. It is only wise to consider a car's capacity for fuel economy given the inevitable increase in the price of gas today. As far as this factor is concerned, the Volvo Overdrive Relays are fortunately presented among exceptionally economical component options for drivers.

Volvo Overdrive Relays are electrically-powered components that provide power to the overdrive device of Volvo vehicles. Allowing drivers to have the choice of a high overall gear ratio for high speed cruising, the overdrive device is usually used on rear-wheel drive vehicles. The Volvo Overdrive Relays are Volvo's prime solution to the prevalent concern on fuel economy. With this device, driving at high speed is possible at the cost of less torque.

With an overdrive relay, engines are capable of performing very well at a lower RPM for a given road speed. This is because the relay enables a vehicle to run without pumping too much gas. At one gear up, it is only natural for the RPM to go higher and demand more gas supply. That is not the case when using Volvo Overdrive Relays that also makes possible a more quiet operation on the highway. After reaching a certain speed-usually at 50-65 kph, the transmission shifts into overdrive mode. When the overdrive mode is deactivated, the transmission shifting will be limited to the lower gears. It is therefore advised to enable the overdrive but ideally with a so that fuel is saved.

Volvo Overdrive Relays can be situated on the fuse panel behind the ashtray on the passenger seat side of the panel. When the ashtray is removed and when the trim around the lighter socket is displaced, two screws are exposed. Removing these screws will detach the storage area and expose the overdrive relays. They are usually white and have a dimension of about 1x1x3 inch.

The development of the Volvo Overdrive Relays is a definite reply to the clamor for fuel-economizing solutions. Without affecting the performance of a car, its gas resource is maximized. Volvo offers the replacement part for this future-driven device. Manufactured with the Volvo's Swedish craftsmanship, these replacement items are unmatched in quality-no less than what Volvo vehicles deserve.