Buy Used Cars Like the Dealers Do

by : dennis james

Have you ever considered where the dealers get their extensive line of used cars?

They simply use auto auctions and seized car auctions to get their vehicles for a very low price. There are a few who purchase their used cars from dealer but that is not as common as you think because dealerships tend to charge higher prices. You can also be sure that every car has been gone over thoroughly and all the major and minor problems have been listed on the auction paperwork. You will definitely be sure of what you are getting. Listed below are some things you might want to consider before you buy your next used car.

The first thing we need to clarify is what exactly a seized car auction means. These are vehicles that were in some sort of crime and have been taken away from the original owners by the federal, state, or local authorities. They may have been used in some sort of criminal act and therefore lost. The authorities sell the vehicles and use the money they receive to fund other operations for policing. They may also be vehicles that have been repossessed by a bank or financing agency because of non-payment. Thousands of cars wind up this way each year. For those that have their cars taken away, it is a definite loss for them but a real advantage for you.

For those agencies taking the cars, the money spent in storage can be quite high so they hold auctions to ease this burden. You can find some vehicles that are only about 10 percent of the original price and value it would bring in the regular sales market. Did you ever ask yourself how so-in-so was driving a nice expensive car on a small budget? This might be the answer. You can do the same thing with a little know how and money in your pocket. No more do you have to drive around in a run down vehicle because you have no money to get something better. It is possible to find a great car and have it paid off in one motion. How great would it be with no payments?

The laws now in force around the country have made it so that vehicle confiscation is an expected consequence. This may be for any crime related to the mob or for drug offences. As the law enforcement officials take more positive action, the warehouses fill up with these types of vehicles. No matter how the car came to be in the auction, you can benefit from it. Unlike the dealers who are looking for money for themselves out of the deal, the seized car owners only want to get rid of the vehicle and are making no substantial amounts in selling it. This is the reason for the nicer cars to be at lower prices.

It is very possible for you to purchase a tax confiscated vehicle for a few hundred dollars. Those cars are usually the luxury sedan models or sporty type vehicles. These companies and agencies are desperate to rid themselves of the many storage facilities full of unwanted cars and trucks. If this sounds good to you, then why not find out where the next used car auction is going to be held and take the time to just sit through one so you can have an idea of how they work. When you are comfortable with it, take the leap and get into he action of buying yourself a nice ride.