Bedrug Carpeted Truck Bed Liners are Ruggedly Practical

by : Jimmy Plant

Not having a liner or truck mat at all is a sure recipe for disaster. Stains, scratches and other damage are inevitable for an unprotected truck bed. On the practical side, a liner is a must for hauling: whether a load of gravel, concrete blocks, or even a couple of dirtbikes for weekend racing. The safety and protection of the bed is important-not just for those who work in construction, but also for those who plan on moving lighter loads.

Now imagine this scenario: You are driving around randomly, when something possesses you to stop off at a garage sale-- and before you know it, you've been talked into buying a glass-top coffee table and couple floor lamps-- not to mention that ancient record player and stack of vinyls you just couldn't resist! Hauling a load of cumbersome or fragile items like these is often an anxious experience, with every bump in the road feeling like a disaster waiting to happen. Damage that is caused by loose items is a very real danger to others on the road, but a major consideration is damage to the bed itself. This is when it comes in handy to have a liner with a carpet-like surface-- to act as a soft buffer between objects and the bed, as well to prevent the these objects from shifting and sliding during sharp turns. This is essential for heavier objects which may be harmed and even do harm to the interior of the truck bed.

But a carpet can tear or become damaged easily, right? Luckily, some liners such as Wise Industries' BedRug are made of a polypropylene resin which is mildew resistant and tough enough to merit a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer. The fuzzy appearance is deceiving, for the 'carpet' is extremely durable and puncture-proof. The liner can be removed quickly and be hosed down in the case of paint spills. Even oil, gasoline and acid will not stain its surface-- a relief to those who constantly transport engine parts or construction equipment. The surface can be washed, left wet and left out uncovered. There's also the bonus of having a liner which protects the inner sides and tailgate area-unlike standard bed mats which tend to only protect floor of the bed. Other standard floormats are indeed cheaper, but they do not offer the full range of benefits of the BedRug.

BedRug liners are easy to setup with installation usually taking under an hour. But the good news doesn't stop there. Custom-made liners are available to fit trucks of any year and model. A quality liner 'completes' a truck's look, demonstrates the owner's care of the vehicle, and gives the feeling that that vehicle is ready to haul anything the world can throw in it...

The benefits extend to off time as well.

When the workweek is done, I definitely like to kick back and relax at a tailgate party, and this is when the comfort of a carpeted interior comes in really handy. The padding is very easy on the knees which is a major relief when clambering in to drag out a water cooler. And of course when the empty beer cans are piling up, friends who may have partied a little too hard will have someplace relaxing pass out!

BedRug is a great brand to explore--and while you're at it, make sure you check out standard truck bed liners as well.