How to Make Buying a New Car an Even More Exciting Experience

by : Wendy Sutherland

Last year, about 1,500 Brits did exactly that, by picking up their new Mercedes-Benz straight off the production line in person. They flew to Germany, toured the factory and then drove their shiny new Merc back home.

Mercedes-Benz has a team dedicated to ensuring that customers who opt for personal collection enjoy a relaxing and luxurious VIP trip to pick up their new car. They will put together a personal collection package that includes a choice of business class flights, four star accommodation in Germany, taxis to the hotel and factory, transit number plates and vehicle insurance and a choice of crossings from Calais to Dover. They will even arrange hotel bookings for the return journey on request.

Three different factory locations are involved - Bremen in the North, or Stuttgart and Rastatt in the South - depending on the model. Each offers a variety of local attractions (including in Stuttgart the fascinating Mercedes-Benz Museum, which is the birthplace and spiritual home of the car) and a number of alternative routes back through some of Europe's most beautiful countryside. In fact, many people take family members or friends with them, to create a special break with a unique difference.

Apart from being genuinely fascinating, the special guided factory tour is an excellent opportunity for the new owner to find out just how much time, attention and technology was put into building their car - and there's something extra special about being the first person ever to take it out on the road!

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