Names Best Cpo Vehicle Programs

by : Evander Klum

A lot of individuals are looking to own a vehicle. But there would be those who cannot afford new vehicles. Automakers know about this and that is why they are offering used vehicles for sale at reasonable prices. Used vehicles for sale are units which have been leased for three years or these could also be those which have been purchased but the owner has failed to pay for it. These vehicles are inspected before they are offered to consumers. But in the end, it will be the buyer who will have to inspect the vehicle to make sure that they are not going to buy a lemon.

Recently, offered a helping hand to those who are planning to buy a pre-owned vehicle. The site recently announced the winners of its ninth annual ranking of various certified pre-owned vehicle programs. Among the programs considered by for the rankings, Swedish automaker Volvo rose above its competitors. Volvo edged out Cadillac one year after Cadillac dislodged Jaguar from the top spot which the British luxury brand has occupied for years. Volkswagen is meanwhile named as having the best certified pre-owned vehicle program for the fourth straight year in the non-luxury program.

James Bell, the publisher and editor of, said that the luxury segment is becoming more and more competitive. "The luxury field in CPOs is very competitive, but Volvo edged out Cadillac on the basis of a strong compliance program," said Bell according to The Auto Channel. "In general, the top luxury programs offer similar car warranties, and many received high scores, which shows that Volvo had that extra edge over the competition," he added.

According to the report, Korean automaker Hyundai is making huge steps forward in their CPO program. Last year, the Korean's CPO program is ranked last in the non-luxury department. This year, Hyundai is ranked third. "Hyundai's inspection score went from 58 to 90," Bell said. "They accomplished the feat of climbing up out of last place by making several positive changes, including new special car financing offers, requirement of a VHR, and the expansion of their car warranty from 6 years to 10." These vehicles made by the Korean automaker are now becoming more and more reliable like the .

"CPO programs hinge on used car inventory," said Bell. "Leasing has not been very popular for the last few years, and that limits CPO vehicles that are on the market today. However, car leasing is gaining in popularity this year due to rising interest rates, and we expect the same will happen in 2008. This in turn will drive CPO inventory in the years to come," he concluded.