Have you Seen My New Key Chain?

by : Kathy Austin

The Acura MDX chrome key chain with a spinning ACURA in the center is sure to start a conversation about cars every time someone has a glance at it. It is solidly engineered, just like the car, with a lifetime warranty. The Acura MDX definitely deserves to be the center of all conversation. Honda's Acura MDX has surged ahead of the pack with its powerful luxury SUV. It is a beauty packed with the works.

A fancy Acura MDX key chain with wrench and 4 Acura logo valve stem covers that has a life time warranty. This is a perfect gift for the lucky owner of the Acura MDX. Just imagine the happy smile when you see the key chain wrench. Then, you give a whoop of delight as you realize that each valve stem cover has a tiny Acura logo on it.

Key chains are the new collectibles that are a hobby or more of a passion for many collectors. Acura key chains are affordable, useful and may soon be as valuable as model toys today. Occasionally, you will see a collection of key chains for sale on the online auction sites. This goes to show the growing popularity of key chains as a collectors item.

The new owner of an Acura MDX would love the key chain accessory as one more way to get a conversation going, and no wonder. This SUV is billed by Car and Driver Magazine as a 'road going athlete', more sports car than a tall SUV, but comfortable, quiet, and powerful, accelerating rapidly and stopping from 60 mph to O in 121 feet, thanks to disc brakes and optional sports suspension.

In just two decades, Acura has gone from the first Japanese luxury car to being the leader of the SUV pack. The Acura's debut in 1986 climaxed a decade of research and development with the production of an entirely new line of automobiles. Luxury is also represented by the elegant black and silver Acura MDX key chain. It has a black background with raised silver 'Acura' with space on the back side of the key chain for your own special engraved message. You could have your name, a special date or a message engraved on it which would make it a truly valuable possession you would treasure for life.

Acura realizes that not every person is able to enter and exit the vehicle easily. So they include up to $1,000 of the cost of aftermarket adaptive equipment, so the drivers and passengers with disabilities will be able to enjoy this exciting car. This is just one of the many ways Acura makes sure they stay oriented to the needs of their customers.

In the same vein, staying oriented to the needs of their customers, Acura offers beautiful chrome finished steel pull away keychain. The car key can be on one end and all other keys to home and business on the other. The Acura MDX keychain is one that holds the key to your happiness and a great time ahead.