How to Create and Sell *Your Own* Product or Service

by : Glen Hopkins

It's one thing to join affiliate programs and earn commissions but in order to make serious amounts of money, you need to have your own product or service to sell.

The best thing to sell on the internet is a digitally delivered product or service. Examples include ebooks or electronic books, courses, membership sites and software. The reasons digitally delivered products and services are so great are numerous.

People surfing the internet want instant gratification. Digitally delivered products and services can be accessed or downloaded immediately upon online credit card payment. This is not possible with items that require shipping.

Digitally delivered products and services cost little to produce and have the potential to yield never-ending revenue. Once you have your site completed and your product or services ready, there are no additional costs. The product or service is created once, and then sold and resold. Such products and services have no overhead, don't require and need for storage space and have no shipping charges.

You create it once and sell it forever!

How to come up with your own product or service is actually quite easy. The key is to 'sell your knowledge'. You have knowledge on some subject or another that many other people don't. It's your job to figure out what it is that you know, that others could benefit from. Perhaps you're a great cook. Put together an e-cookbook. Are you an artist? Sell an online course on how to paint and draw. Maybe you're a stay at home mom who has learned just about everything there is to know about infant care - sell it! Try asking yourself the following questions and do some brainstorming.

What do people seek my advice about?

What hobbies do I have?

Are you successful in your career? How did you become successful?

What are you passionate about?

Write all your thoughts down without judging them. Once you have a list of about 10 ideas start to work them through. You'll be amazed at just how much you know about certain subjects.

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