Tonneau Covers, Protect Your Truck From Thieves And The Elements

by : Adrienne DeVita

Tonneau Covers, also known as truck bed covers, are an excellent idea if you are an outdoor person who goes camping, hiking, or enjoys taking long road trips or frequent, short visits.

The type of truck owners who benefit from owning one of a variety of covers are as follows:

1 - Always outside, taking long drives and camping

2 - Carrying a lot of larger items that need protection when you are parked and away from your truck

3 - Ease of accessing the back of your vehicle to get your items in and out without a hassle (the retractable or fold up tonneau cover is the perfect choice for you)

4 - A mechanic, plumber, air conditioning and heating ventilation technician, carpenter, painter, and many other similar trades person benefits from the tool box tonneau covers

5 - Someone who wants to know their tangible, expensive items are protected at all times

What about the weather? Is a truck bed cover going to benefit you, or hinder your access?

If you live in an area where there is rain, intense heat all year-round, or even hail and snow, a tonneau cover will ensure your truck bed and all items are protected from the elements. If they are left to extreme weather conditions, your gear will either corrode with rust, become too hot to handle; and depending upon the temperature, might even melt some of your plastic gear and ruin paint and other liquid and soft supplies.

If you have an open truck bed, it is obvious that all of your gear is going to get stolen or ruined over time. While hiking, you might not want to carry all your stuff with you, so what do you do? You normally leave it behind in your truck, worrying the whole time that someone might find your parked vehicle and steal your gear while you are having a good time.

Are you insured for everything? Most people think they are, but after everything gets stolen, they find out there was an extra fee and waiver that needed to be added to their insurance in order to cover the belongings in the back of a truck bed that was left completely unprotected.

Do they make tonneau covers with locks? They certainly do. And this type of truck bed cover will protect your stuff in the back of your truck bed from unwanted thieves.

How organized is the back of your truck? Do you just throw everything in there at the end of a long day? If you add a tonneau cover to your truck bed, it will help you become more organized. You know where your stuff is, and moreover, you have easy access to it.

The price of gas per gallon is increasing each day, and it seems there is no end in site. Now, with all the driving you need to do, cut down on your gas mileage. How does this apply? A tonneau cover cuts down on wind resistance, thereby increasing your miles per gallon. This is one very important aspect that most truck owners don't even think about when pondering a tonneau truck cover purchase.

The possibility and selection of covers are amazing. You might prefer a hard or soft tonneau cover, a retractable or folding tonneau cover, or even a roll-bak or fiberglass tonneau cover.

Since there are so many varieties to choose from, make a list of what your needs are; and then choose the right selection for your everyday needs. Choose from a large selection of quality manufacturers, such as Extang, Truxedo, and LeBra.

Decide on your needs, budget, benefits, convenience, overall purpose, and handling technique needed to open and close the different types of covers.

After you have made your educated selection, remember, truck bed covers are a long-term investment. Whether you are paying off your truck or you are one of the fortunate who have paid it off already, truck bed covers are just as important as your initial purchase. Choose a solid cover that will last the lifetime of your truck, and know you are actually saving money by protecting your investment in the long run.

Shop for the best prices, discounts and sales, features, benefits, and overall look to compliment your vehicle. You are not only protecting your truck, but you will be driving around with a stylish and sleek looking ride when your cover is added. Some tonneau covers can even be painted to match the color of your truck; and that makes for a real head-turner of a vehicle.