Honda Civic Si to Push the Sporting Limits

by : Anthony Fontanelle

Honda Motor Corp., the world's second largest Japanese motorcycle and automobile manufacturer, presents the new Honda Civic Si that will push the sporting limits without compromising the speed and handling.

The previous versions of the Honda Civic have used the company's VTEC variable valve timing mechanism, which turned out having been powerful. When applied to the Si's 2.0L four, the VTEC becomes even more civilized, with the transition going smoother. Presumably, since it displaces two liters rather than 1.7, the vehicle is provided with enough low-end torque, making it ideal for driving around the city without rowing the gearbox.

The six-speed gearbox keeps the revs relatively low on highway cruising. It intends to emulate the M3's low-speed civility or high-speed performance duality, accounting two-thirds the urge along with one-third the price.

Honda was able to manage the creation of the Si's handling precise, crisp and tenacious, without unduly sacrificing the ride. A proof for the excellent front-driver's handling is the ability to rush into a steady radius off-ramp with quite too much speed, but still being able to reach a tighter line through turning the steering wheel. The Civic Si does not easily push its front end; otherwise, Honda gets such impressive grip from the relatively normal sized 215/45 R17 Bridgestones.

The new Honda Civic Si comes with several standard features, including power door locks, windows and mirrors, air conditioning, 350-watt AM/FM/CD premium audio system with MP3/Window Media audio playback capability and seven speakers. It is also equipped with subwoofer, cruise control, power glass sunroof, tilt and telescopic steering wheel, leather seats, auto headlights, dual-stage, dual-threshold front air bags, front side air bags with passenger-side Occupant Position Detection System (OPDS), side curtain air bags.

The Si's interior precisely speaks of being a Civic. The incredibly long dashboard is credited for dominating the style. There are acres of plastic in favor of the excellent gauge layout, as well as easily deciphered radio and air conditioning controls. Overall, the radical departure of last year turned out to be the status quo of today.

However, the new Si version of the Civic sacrifices a little of its outsized performance and go-kart-like comparable handling, just like what the M3 does.

Though the Civic Si is yet the most likeable hot Honda, it is one of the top-of-the-line front-wheel-drive sports sedans in the market from the Japanese maker who has been manufacturing excellent cars, including the Acura CL equipped with quality and other premium auto parts.