Hondas Growing Sales in China

by : Anthony Fontanelle

Honda (producer of quality ) has recently increased its sales in China by 36 percent last month attributed to the growing popularity of the Civic and the Accord cars.

Japan's second largest carmaker was able to sell 46,226 cars in China for November this year basing on the e-mailed statement by the company. For the first 11 months of this year the company was able to sell 378,602 units an increase of 32 percent.

Because of the favorable response that Honda vehicles have been getting, the automaker is considering increasing further its sale sin China especially now that the Accord sedan is included in the best-selling models in the country.

The total car sales in China have increased by 17 percent in November attributed to the economic growth boosted further by consumer wealth.

Last month the sales at Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co. that produces the Civic and CR-V sport utility vehicles have rose by 81 percent to 13,826 while Guangzhou Honda Automobile Co. that makes the Accord sedans and Fit subcompacts have increased sales by 23 percent to 32,400 units that is according to the company.

The sales figures reported only pertains to the locally produced Honda vehicles in China and does not yet include the imported models such as the Acura luxury sedan and the Civic hybrid.

Aside from the increasing sales that Honda is obtaining in China, its Honda CR-V was also named as the "2008 SUV of the Year in China" by a Chinese auto magazine called Motortrend.

The refurbished CR-V that hit the Chinese market in April this year was chosen by Motortrend's evaluation team comprising of industry experts. The evaluation team spent one-month-and-a-half to cover ten important aspects ranging from safety to design then to road test.

Luckily for the CR-V it has obtained the highest rating among three other candidates that include the Chery Tiggo, Great Wall Hover and Hyundai Tucson. All of the models tested are spacious five-passenger crossover SUVs with handling like a sedan.

For the month of November, the CR-V has dethroned the Great Wall Hover from the best seller in Chinese SUV market. The November sales of the top five best selling SUV models in the Chinese market:

&bullHonda CR-V - 5554 units
&bullChery Tiggo - 5257 units
&bullGreat Wall Hover - 4479 units
&bullHyundai Tuscon - 3990 units
&bullChangfeng Liebao - 2285 units

These five models are accounted for 59 percent of the total SUV market.

For the first 11 months of this year a total of 339,800 SUVs were sold in the Chinese market an increase by 60.3 percent from the previous year. the growth in the SUV segment is much faster as compared to the other segments like minivans and sedans.