Car Auctions, Good Deals Abound!

by : Robert Riles

Car auctions are getting popular day by day and without doubt will continue to be a major tool in the coming days. Auctions have always been one of the tools to sell a variety of things. Today it is being used with renewed vigor. Even in car sales it is no different. However, if you are planning to attend a car auction for the first time, here are few tips and guidelines that you must certainly know. There are very good chances that you could make a few mistakes. Forewarned is fore armed and knowledge is power. With knowledge, you should be ok at your first auction.
The process in the normal car sale goes on like this

1. Look at the classifieds in the local paper.
2. Drive over to the seller's house
3. View the car
4. Negotiate the price from an asking price
5. Try and bring the seller down to the price you want the car at.

There are numerous advantages with this way. You can do it at your own sweet time, take a test drive of the car. You can even think for sometime on how much you want to pay and you can always walk off if the deal does not suit you.
But a Car auction is totally a different experience altogether and this alone is the reason that puts off a lot of people. If you are armed with some knowledge of how to do and what to do, you can ensure things go your way.
While we assume that you are a first time auction visitor, it would not do any harm if you are an experienced auction visitor and it won't do any harm, just to glance through the advice handed out.
Check out for the following points as well as some general rules.

1. Look out for any display that will tell you about the condition of the cars that are on auction. It should display conditions of the sale of the cars.

2. What you see is what you get. Vehicles that are offered for sale in WYSIWYG cannot be rejected under any circumstances. Under this condition, if the car does have any problems, any complaint regarding the same simply might not be entertained. Though this sounds stringent, it shouldn't put you off.

3. Sale with test drive: This usually means you have the option of returning the car if you find any major mechanical problems with Engine, gear box, axles or steering rack etc... The conditions vary from auction to auction though. So check up with the auctioneers

4. Look for hidden charges like Buyers premium
There are normally charges like a buyer's premium in a car auction. This is apart from the auction price. Also the fees vary from auction to auction. Make sure that you have all the details about the charges. Ensure that the fees include charges for transferring the legal title into your name. Also check at the car auction if

a) The car has any outstanding finance on it.
b) Car is on the police stolen list.
c) Car has ever been an insurance 'total loss'.
d) The car has had a number plate transfer.