Tips to Lower Car Insurance Rate

by : Terry Schierer

Car insurance is one thing that is a must in todays society. To drive without insurance is about the same as skydiving without a parachute. You won't last very long without it.

Buying Auto insurance can be complicated unless you just want to get insurance and don't care what the costs are. Anyone can take your money and sell you a car insurance policy.

If you want a top notch auto insurance policy at the lowest possible cost then there are certain steps you must use to get that low rate.

1. Fill out one form

The biggest nuisance in getting quotes is filling out all the forms. Every place you go to get a quote you have to fill out their form. That's down right tedious work and doesn't make for an enjoyable day. But there is a better way!

You can fill out just one quote request and have it sent to multiple agents or companies and get multiple quotes back. This way there is no duplication of time just one request to multiple sites.

2. Get multiple quotes.

Get quotes, plenty of quotes, the more the merrier. When you get many quotes you know you are getting the best possible price. Great car insurance rates come through competition from local agents. Great rates comes from competition so the more agents you have competing the lower the rates get.

3. Use Local Insurance agents.

Why local Agents? They are the only ones with the power to discount rates. Online computer generated sites can only quote the rate that is in their data bank and discounts are not included in that data base.

The big insurance companies sell car insurance online and to the local agents. They can't afford to sell you a policy online that would be cheaper than what the local agent can quote. If the agent found out the companies were selling cheaper online how long do you think it would take before they didn't have local agents.

No! They need those local agents and will not do anything to jeopardize their relationship. The online rates will always be just a little bit higher than what the local agent can quote.

4. Use the internet to contact the local agents.

Don't spend time dialing for quotes. It's a terrible waste of time and patience. Go online, fill out one quote form and have it sent to multiple local agents.

This way when the local agent receives your quote request from the online quote system he knows that seven or eight other local agents also got the request. Knowing this he is going to cut rates and do what ever he has to do to get your business.

The local agent wants your business, needs your business and will fight to get that business. The result is that you receive the absolute best possible rate that the agent can give and that means - you win.

5. Compare apples to apples.

By filling out just one quote form you have pretty much eliminated this problem but just to be on the safe side always check to see that the agents are all quoting the same amount of coverage that you requested.

Using these five tactics you can be assured that you will receive the lowest possible rate. This means more money in your pocket to spend on yourself or having fun with your family. Either way you win and that's how to beat the high cost of car insurance.