Have New Number Plate News From Around the Web on Their Website

by : DALPR

Staffordshire, UK. 31st December 2007. Personallyyours.co.uk the UK's premier private number plate dealer not just makes the news with their great service and offers, but they also have the news on their updated personal number plate website. The news is in several categories which cover Private Number Plates, DVLA and International Number Plate News, each section has links to the top stories of the day.

This is a good resource for anyone interested in the number plate industry whether it is just for business reasons or indeed for individuals that are interested in the number plate world and what is happening within it. The main page is here http://www.personallyyours.co.uk/number-plate-news/index.html while for international number plate news, which covers all number plate news from international sources, the page to visit is http://www.personallyyours.co.uk/number-plate-news/international_news.htm

Now there is no need to make endless searches for news related to private number plates, the industry or any news that is related to the massive world that affects all motorists, investors and collectors of private and non private number plates.

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Personallyyours.co.uk was established in 1988 and has the experience consumers need with access to over 40 million personalised number plates. They are proud to be members of all of the following Governing bodies: MIRAD - Member Of The Institute Of Registration Agents & Dealers :: The C.N.D.A - Cherished Number Dealers Association :: R.M.I.F - Retail Motor Industry Federation :: The R.N.C - The Registration numbers Club :: The F.S.B - The Federation of Small Business. Website: http://www.personallyyours.co.uk/ Blog: http://www.personallyyours.co.uk/blog/index.htm