Fuel Injector for Proper Air and Fuel Ratio

by : Anthony Fontanelle

Car owners nowadays enjoy the pleasure of powerful performance made possible by improved fuel injection systems their vehicles come equipped with. Originally, carburetors were used to pump in fuel into the combustion chamber for power production. These carburetors did not have a "metered" system. That is to say, they did not measure how much fuel or gasoline they fed the combustion chamber with. Thus, the fuel supply tended to be either insufficient or excessive. This fuel system component was therefore replaced with the fuel injector.

The fuel injector was invented to answer the call for an accurate fuel injection to avoid the excessive or insufficient supply of gasoline into the combustion chamber. This auto part is a small electric valve controlled by an electric signal from the car computer. The car computer controls the opening and closing of the fuel injector that lets the fuel flow into the chamber. Because control of the fuel injector principally resides in the car computer, the amount of fuel supplied is neither insufficient or more than the amount required for the combustion of air and fuel. The role of the fuel injector, thus, is essentially important as accuracy in fuel injection is the key to have a better fuel economy and improved overall vehicle performance. Accurate ratio of air and fuel leads to a lot of great benefits to one's vehicle performance. For one, it results to a maximized combustion, meaning there is no unburned fuel. And if there is no unburned fuel, production of nitrogen oxides can be prevented and there will be a decrease in exhaust emissions.

The deals with injecting fuel for combustion and so it also deals with the unwanted particles found in fuel. Thus, over time, this fuel injection component becomes polluted with these tiny particles that managed to get past the fuel filter. When these impurities accumulate, they end up clogging the fuel injector, preventing it from properly closing. This can cause the fuel to continuously flow into the gap, ruining the right ratio of air and fuel, and leading to possible engine part damage as well as unburned fuel. It is therefore the responsibility of car owners to check the fuel injectors their rides are equipped with, from time to time. This also includes having these fuel injectors cleaned when necessary.