Send Postcards To Save Money and Cut Through E-mail Clutter

by : Roger C. Parker

Use your computer to send personalized color postcards in quantities of 1 to 1,000.

Print on demand postcards are here. You can quickly, easily, and economically use your computer to prepare and address color postcards that will arrive in your prospect’s morning mail!

Postal mail is growing in importance as the volume of e-mail steadily increases. A four-color postcard in the morning mail will attract far more attention than the same message sent via e-mail.

What you can do

Here are some of the ways you can profit from this new technology:

  • Networking follow-up. Quickly follow-up with prospects you meet at B.N.I. or Chamber of Commerce events, reminding them to visit your web site.
  • Thank You’s. Express your thanks to new clients and those who provide referrals and testimonials.
  • Turn postal addresses into e-mail addresses. Give previous customers a reason to joint your e-mail newsletter list.
  • New prospects. Profile your best customers and use a list broker to locate the names and addresses of others like them.
  • Promotions. Invite clients and prospects to teleclasses and special events.
  • New Content. Let clients and prospects know when you post new web content.
  • Greeting cards. Use postcards to keep in touch at anniversaries and holidays.

Building your e-mail list

Use print on demand postcards to build your e-mail newsletter distribution list. Start by creating an information incentive—like a tip sheet or buying guide. Your incentive can be a special issue of your newsletter, an elaboration on a previous topic, or an audio that can be downloaded from your website.

For “hands off" delivery of incentives, use autoresponders to notify recipients where they can download your incentive.

Steps to success

Creating and mailing print on demand postcards from your computer involves three simple steps. The following shows how easily you can create a relationship with a new contact or reactivate previous clients.

  1. Choose the four-color artwork for the “billboard side" of your postcard. You can choose from thousands of four-color illustrations and photos. You can also create and upload your own online portfolio of custom postcard artwork.
  2. Prepare your message. Enter the desired text in an online form. Preview your work as you go.
  3. Address your postcard. Enter the name and address of your recent networking contact or previous client into the online database. You can also import lists from a many types of databases and contact manager software programs. Select the name, or names, you want to receive postcards, and send.

How is your card delivered?

Your postcard will be printed and mailed First Class from a centralized printing location the next business day.

Advantages and options

  • No minimum quantities and no inventory. No up front investment is needed, no supplies to run out of. Postcards are printed as needed. Send 1 or 1,000. The more you send, the lower the printing and addressing costs.
  • Quality. Postcards are printed in color on a quality glossary cover stock. Both sides are laminated to resist wear.
  • Flexibility. Choose either 4 by 6 inch or 6 by 9 inch postcards. You can add the recipient’s first name to each card.
  • Efficient. No need to prepare and apply address labels or hand-address individual postcards. No trips to the Post Office for stamps. No last minute trips to the mailbox in the rain.