Gasoline Credit Cards - Are They Worth The Trouble?

by : Tom Tessin

You pull up to the gas pump and you realize that your budget is slowly dwindling for the month. Like a lot of families, you try to find every alternative possible when saving money. From cutting out coupons to getting cash back on your credit cards each month. The true question now is, "Should I apply for a credit designed for gas?"

The answer to this question is fairly simple. Let me ask you this, "Do you want to save money?" I'm almost certain that one hundred percent of you will say yes. If you say no to save money, then I suggest you move on to another saving method on gasoline, which you may not find.

Gas credit cards are designed for a reason. They are designed to save the consumer gas. The concept is actually simple. Most of these credit cards work the same. Every time you fill up at the pump, you will get a percentage back for every dollar you spend. This percentage can range anywhere from one percent to ten percent depending on the card issuer. The general rule of thumb is to grab a credit card that focuses on a particular gas station in your area that generates the highest percentage.

How are credit card companies able to make money when they give you rebates? It's simple. They are hoping that you, the consumer don't pay off your bill in full or at all. As you may know by now, every time you don't pay your bill, you will be charged a hefty late fee. If you don't pay your bill off in full, you will be charged with your interest rate. Generally, interest rates are usually pretty high. It can be anywhere from one percent and beyond.

When you're applying for your first credit card, it's important that you sign up for a credit card that focuses on a gas station in your area. If you fill up a particular gas station every time, make sure that you look for a credit designed for that station. If you don't fill up at the same gas station company every time, this is ok. A lot of companies will offer credit cards where you can use the credit card at any company. The only downfall to these cards is that the percentage is generally lower.

The best way to find the best gas credit card is to ask around or read some reviews online. Most credit cards that focus on gas rewards work the same. If you ask friends and family, you're almost certain to find someone that carries one. It's always best to get advice from friends instead of an outsider.

When you finally have you eyes set on the right card, make sure that you read the terms over to be aware of all the fees because some credit cards may have a "cap" on them. This cap will only allow you to get back so much per year. You have to remember that this is only on a few cards. Once you do your research and you know this is the card you want, apply, and wait for your gas savings card to come in the mail.