SUVs - Power Toys For The Big Boys

by : Mark Robinson

SUVs or Sports Utility Vehicles are passenger vehicles with greater horsepower and bigger hauling capability. SUVs are more like pickup trucks in terms of capabilities and power, except that the cabin houses both cargo and passengers without a trunk or a flatbed at the rear end. Their high clearance and boxy body structures make them such so they can drive over logs, rocky terrains, muds, etc.

SUVs are known by many names (depends on what country you're in) like "4x4" pronounced "four by four," "4WD," pronounced "four-wheel-drive," or the more macho term, "off-road vehicle." All these, and the above paragraph would picture a hardworking, tough, and powerful vehicle that one sees in jungle safaris, Australian outbacks, African deserts and rough terrains. It is interesting to note however, that majority of these SUVs now are seldom, or in some cases, never, used in these rugged terrains.

All the brawn possessed by these SUVs, are not actually put to use as most of these are owned by urban residents. People are drawn to its high clearance, which is a relief in thick snow; and its power come in quite handy in towing trailers. There is also a sense of security driving a bigger truck, than a low clearance car. In terms of protection from harm during accidents, people feel safer behind a larger hood, and the more robust body structure of an SUV. Driving and looking down at other vehicles in an interstate also gives one an added sense of comfort and security.

Such is the popularity of SUVs nowadays that they did not only invade the cityscape, most women now also prefer do drive an SUV than a low clearance car. Its utilitarian image helped propel the SUV to invade the urban landscape as it replaced station wagons in popularity among women.

Women, who in some degree have attained the status of being "one of the boys" now share the passion for larger more imposing vehicles that evoke power and style.

Far different from its rugged boxed-shaped predecessors, the new SUVs now are more aerodynamic, designed to fit in an urban setting, and are now made more aerodynamic. Furthermore, manufacturers have improved the SUVs handling as opposed to its predecessors' bouncy, truck-like difficult maneuverability and handling.

Case in point would be General Motor's ugly battle-field "High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle" or Humvee that is now a status symbol for the rich and famous like Arnold Scwarzenegger, etc. The battle-field humvee is this year's Hummer (H3) Alpha, after so many transformations such as H2 and H3. A veritable status symbol, the H3, Ford Explorer, Acura RDX, Volvo VC60, Cadillac SRX, Buick Enclave, with their much improve car-like handling, and design are definitely the status-symbol toys for the big boys.

These SUVs exude power, confidence and affluence as the luxury SUVs are way more expensive than luxury sedans. Not only they are equipped with the latest high-tech gizmos and accessories, they are more reliable and powerful. What's a better way to flaunt luxury and power than this?