Mazda Develops Rear Collision Warning System

by : Anthony Fontanelle

Mazda Motor Corp. announced Wednesday that it has developed a safety system that warns drivers who are trying to change lanes of vehicles approaching from behind. The rear collision warning system will be an option starting with the new Atenza to be released at month's end.

The innovative system from the Japanese automaker kicks in when the vehicle go beyond 60 kilometer per hour. The said system is engineered to detect vehicles in the adjacent lanes which are 50 meters behind.

An LED turns on to alert the driver of vehicles approaching from behind, and if the driver activates the turn signals at that time, the system warns of the possibility of a collision via a sound and flashing LED, divulged Trading Markets.

In the past, other automakers have introduced similar safety systems. Volkswagen AG, Europe's largest automaker, has also unveiled a safety system that senses an approaching car from behind and alerts the driver when trying to change lanes. The system was introduced in vehicles in the European continent.

The manufacturer of , meanwhile, noted that this would be the very first time that such safety system is installed in a vehicle for the Japanese market.

Separately, the Japanese automaker, with the goal of keeping pace with the intensifying auto competition, releases an updated version of the Axela in Japan. The first generation Axela, dubbed as Mazda3 in overseas market, is a sports compact which was introduced for the 2004 model year.

Mazda said the modification made to the exterior design enlivens the vehicle's appearance. The design covers chrome door handles and expanded use of black molding on the rear bumper. Interior quality, meanwhile, was also enhanced with the addition of piano black parts on the power window switch bezels, center panel, and other interior areas of the vehicle. Additionally, chrome parts were chosen for select levers and buttons. This is done to enhance the vehicle's elegance.

The Japanese automaker said all models in the range, including the four-door Axela, five-door Axela Sport and Mazdaspeed Axela, sport remarkable improvements. They are available at all Mazda, Mazda Anfini and Mazda Autozam dealerships across the nation.