Steps That Will Help you Improve your Gas Mileage

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

If you drive so fast, accelerating and decelerating abruptly, breaking and stopping suddenly, you will definately use more gallons of gas. Most people live in fear of the rising gas prices. Therefore, these people want to get the best mileage out of their vehicles in order to save some money. Nearly all of us have a fantasy of getting into a powerful car and drive thousands of miles without having to fill gas in the car. Nevertheless, getting good gas mileage isn't a very distant reality. However, there are a few things that can be done to get the best car mileage out of your car.

For the increasing the mileage of your car, you will need the following things:
* Automotive Parts
* Automotive Repair Manual
* Car Oil
* Car Jacks
* Tire Gauges

Improve your Gas Mileage by following these steps:
* Take care of your vehicle. You must clean the interior parts of the engine like the spark plugs, put clean engine oil and have a well-tuned motor that is more efficient than a run-down system.
* You must check your old air filter. If the air filter is clogged and dirty, then you must immediately change the air filter. This will reduce the unnecessary wastage of fuel for the acceleration.
* You must make less use of the air conditioner system of your car. This helps in reducing the amount of power that is used in the running of the Air conditioning system.
* You must use the correct fuel in the car. The recommended fuel is the fuel that contains the octane that has a rating of 86. It is observed that the cars that have very powerful engines require the high-octane gas. If your car is emitting funny noises like shaking uncooked popcorn, then you should use the higher-octane gasoline.
* You must always keep your tires properly inflated. That is you must always check the air pressure in the tires. You must maintain the air pressures in the tires as per recommended by the manufacturer. This helps in reducing the friction between the road and the tires and thus the power used for the acceleration and running smoothly is reduced. Thus, it improves the mileage of your car.
* You must drive at even speeds whenever possible. It is more convenient and improves the mileage of the car.
* You must avoid rushing on a highway. You must use cruise control that saves a lot of fuel.
* You must choose the road that has a flat terrain and requires few stops.
* You must drive on a highway whenever possible. A car driving on a city street consumes more fuel than on highway because of stops and accelerations.
* Once you have set out for doing errands, avoid stopping for long periods when possible as a cold engine consumes more fuel than a warmed up engine.

You cannot control all the factors that affect the mileage of the cars, but many of them are controllable. Hence with the above tips every person can substantially improve the gas mileage of their cars.