Marketing Strategies

by : Cory Threlfall

What I'm about to reveal to you in this article will literally change the Way you do your online marketing for years to come and will add many Benefits to You and your online promotions 'Effortlessly'.

This secret(A.K.A. -- Secret FUEL) that I'm going to talk about is so Powerful that it will...

-- give You and your business 'Instant Credibility'...

-- Boost your websites 'Link Popularity' and 'Search Engine' ranking...

-- send you FREE 'Laser Targeted' traffic with ready to Buy customers...

-- help you build 'Targeted' opt-in mailing lists...

...and these are just some of the Benefits you'll receive, But, in my mind, these are the most important.

Now, before I dive right into it I first want to do a little bit of a history lesson about WHY the Internet was born and more importantly, its Sole purpose so you'll have a clear picture inside your head about WHY this 'Secret FUEL' that I'm about to reveal to you is so important to your online business.

So... lets get started by finding out when the 'Internet' was conceived.

The Internet was born on October 29, 1969. This date is significant because it was the 1st time in history that a computer talked to another computer via a router over a network.

So that roughly makes the Internet about 35 years old.

Now that we know when the Internet was born, what we need to know now is what was its Sole purpose?

The World Wide Web(Internet) is simply a... 'Wide-Area Hypermedia Information Retrieval System' aiming to give users(You) universal access to a large universe of Documents and/or Information.

So, with that said, basically the Internet is nothing more than a sophisticated communication device that gives us (You) the ability to Exchange and/or search for...


I guess thats a good reason WHY they call it... 'The Information Super Highway'.

So... now that we've had that little history lesson I'm sure you probably have a good idea about what the 'Secret FUEL' is that I'm about to REVEAL to you.

BUT, if you don't, don't cheat and skip to the end.

Now, its pretty obvious that the Internet is merely a tool by which we use to locate related information that we query through the use of Search Engines by using related keywords or keyword phrases that we choose.

The question is, where does the 'Secret FUEL' fit into this equation?

You'll be surprised with my answer because the 'Secret FUEL' that I'm about to tell you about is everywhere on the Web and people just like you and I are Hunting for IT as we speak.

So, I guess Now would be a good time to reveal to you...

...'The Secret FUEL That POWERS The Internet'.

Are you ready?

The 'Secret FUEL' that POWERS the Internet is simply...

... !!CONTENT!!

Just think about it for a minute and ask yourself this question... what's the Main reason why You go online?

I can guarantee the majority of you answered... to find Information related to and/or about... whatever your query was.

Information is delivered through 'Content'. Content is what FUEL's the Internet, which means, You should be contributing by way of writing Informative articles related to your business.

Now, some of you are probably saying to yourself, I don't know how to write articles let alone have anything to write about and will writing articles really Benefit my business in the long run?

Well, if you don't know how to write articles... Start. I didn't either in the beginning, but I learned and so can you.

It's simply a learning process.

Now, how will writing articles benefit You and your business?

I outlined them earlier in my article, but will list the four main Benefit's and the Why's in point form below.


How does it...

-- give You and your business 'Instant Credibility'?

Answer: By writing about your Product or Service you're able to convey to your potential customer the Benefits and Solutions your Product and/or Service will solve giving you Instant Credibility and a reason for them to look into what you have to offer further.


How does it...

-- Boost your websites 'Link Popularity' and 'Search Engine' ranking?

Answer: When you write your article you are able to leave a 'Resource Box'(a brief description about You and/or your business with your URL included at the end). Now, when you submit your article to Article Directories or other website's directories and website's across the web and they add it to there directories you'll get a 'Link' pointing back to your site.

Major search engines like Google and Yahoo! for example use 'Link Popularity' to gauge a website's Importance and Ranking.

This is also a great strategy to use to get High PR websites to link back to you without even doing a 'Link Exchange'. This is just what you want.


How does it...

-- send you FREE 'Laser Targeted' traffic with ready to Buy customers?

Answer: When website owners are looking for fresh related content for either their website and/or newsletter and they happen to choose your article, they'll have to publish your article with your 'Resource Box' included with all your website and contact information.

Just think how much 'Laser Targeted' traffic you'd get if your article is posted on a HIGH traffic website and/or in a newsletter with a HUGE subscriber base thats related to your niche.

Now, do you see where the 'Laser Targeted' traffic will come from.


How does it...

-- help you build 'Targeted' opt-in mailing lists?

Answer: Again, when website owners are looking for fresh related content for either their website and/or newsletter they will have to publish your article with your 'Resource Box' included with all your website and contact information.

So, when they visit your website through the information within your 'Resource Box' you'll then have a chance to capture there Name and Email Address by offering them something of Value for FREE through either a 'Pop-Up' or 'Exit Pop-Up' and/or 'Web Form' on your website.

By doing this simple step you'll be able to build your own 'Targeted' opt-in mailing list that you can hit up with other back-end offers anytime you wish at absolutely NO COST to You.

Now, do you see Why 'CONTENT' is so Powerful and how it FUEL's the Internet?

Do you honestly think your business could Benefit from what I have revealed to you within this article?

I can almost Guarantee you probably answered... YES.

With that said, writing articles and submitting them to online publications is, in my mind, one of the most Effective ways to get Free Advertising and Publicity for your business for years to come.

(c)Copyright 2004 by Cory Threlfall