Alternatives To Driving

by : Tom Tessin

If you're sick of paying high gas prices like everyone else in the world, maybe it's time that you've looked into other ways of getting around town. Believe it or not there are many ways you can get around town without having to pay three dollars per gallon or more. We've compiled a great list on how you can get from point A to point B at half the cost.

Take the bus

If you live in a populated area or you live in the outskirts, chances are that you have a busing system. The bus is a great way to get from one point to another without having to pay those ridiculous prices. Almost all city bus systems offer seasonal passes that you can get for little money. If you only want to ride the bus once in a while, it shouldn't cost more than two dollars or so to ride.

If you're not familiar with your buses scheduled stops, be sure to either check out your state's transportation website or call up the department of transportation to get more information on where the stops are located and when the bus should arrive.


If you know of someone at work that lives nearby you can possibly bring up the idea of carpooling with one another. If you think about it, this will cut your gasoline consumption in half if you rotate every other day or week. If you don't know of anyone that can carpool with you at work, many states have car pool programs that can help you find that partner.

Carpooling is a great way to save on gas and use your car or someone else's car at the same time. If you're afraid that you might be matched up with someone that isn't right for you or dangerous, don't worry because the government usually does a pretty good job at weeding these type of people out of the program.

Get your exercise

If you live nearby a grocery store or restaurant and you usually drive to it every time you need to go there, maybe you should think of either purchasing a bike or walking. If you already own a bike, you're one step ahead. Even if that store is one mile away, this can add up over time and you're not getting your proper exercise. If you're worried about not having room for your groceries, you can buy attachments that pop onto your bike that can carry things such as bags, bigger items, etc.

There are so many alternatives out there when it comes to driving. There's no need that you should pay for gas all the time when there are more environmental friendly ways to doing so. The next time you hop in your car or plan on doing so, make sure that you think of alternatives before you do it. Not only will you be saving money, you will be saving the environment as well.