Solvent Recovery System

by : Cooper Miller

One of the most important considerations for any auto repair shop is the handling and treatment of toxic chemicals such as chemical solvents, paints, and coolants. It is vital under US Law that certain chemicals be properly treated and there are severe penalties that can be imposed by the EPA for failure to properly handle toxic materials. It is a requirement for any facility that handles solvents to properly deal with their disposal when no longer required, and the best way that this can be achieved is through the use of a solvent recovery system.

Recycling solvents is both an environmentally, and economically sensible measure to take. The prevention of any chemicals getting out into the wild is a responsibility that all right thinking members of society share, while the ability to drive down acquisition costs by recycling and reusing waster products makes a lot of sense to any business.

Quite simply, a solvent recovery system works by taking the chemicals that have been used, whether in cleaning, thinning paint, or any number of other purposes that they are required for in a workshop, and then removing the impurities. Most solvent recovery systems also act as a cleaner, combining the jobs of removing the solvent from any tools and other items, and then treating it in order to make it ready to be used once again.

Pretty much any item that you use in the workshop can be cleaned using a solvent recovery system. From auto parts through to HVLP spray paint guns, anything that needs solvents to clean can be popped into the machine, and then it will be handled properly from start to finish.

One of the most popular models currently available on the market is the sidewinder solvent recovery system. This tool, which is made by Nevada based Persyst Enterprises has been the staple of many auto shops since its first release. What has made it such a successful model is its reliability, coupled with its easy to use fully automated cleaning and recycling system.

The Sidewinder solvent recovery system can simply be loaded with your tools at the end of a job, then switched on and left. It will clean the tools, separate the solvents, and then when the process is complete, it will turn itself off. When you return to it, you will have your tools clean and ready to use, and all the cleaning solvent recycled and usable.

Although the initial outlay for a solvent recovery system may seem quite high, when it is offset against the cost of repeatedly purchasing expensive solvents, and then also paying for the waste products to be properly disposed of, not to mention the reduction in your environmental foot print caused by recycling waste rather than simply dumping it, the price soon seems like a bargain.

There are numerous different solvent recovery systems available. These range in price from around $1,000 right up to almost $5000. However, it is important not to simply go for the cheapest model and hope for the best, as different versions of the basic solvent recycler are required for different purposes.

While a basic model like the Spraymax UNRUG3000DA seems like a great purchase thanks to its price of around $1000, it is not suitable for larger workshop environments, and is really designed only for cleaning small items such as a pair of paint guns and their cups. Although it does do a great job on these, and has them ready to use again in less than a minute, making it the perfect tool for a small paint shop.

At the other end of the market you get a great deal more flexibility in the products that you buy, and larger solvent recyclers are able to handle much bigger jobs including being able to clean large mechanical parts quickly and efficiently. The SprayMax UNRURS900EP2 solvent recovery system features a 6 gallon cleaning well that will be able to handle the biggest parts in one go. It has a fully automated cleaning cycle, and a twin pump system that will allow you to have dirty used solvent go in through one, and recycled, clean, and ready to use solvent come out of the other end. It is also fully air tight in operation, meaning that there are no unpleasant fumes when it is working.

Thanks to the ever increasing environmental legislation from the EPA that is required to protect the natural world, it is ever more incumbent for any responsible business to take action to improve their own use of resources. The most important purchases that a business can make are the ones that will save it money in the long run, as these are the investments in the future that allow for further growth. solvent recovery systems are a tool that will pay for themselves a thousand times over, not just in the reduced operating costs that you get from reusing the same products again, but also by the knowledge that as a business, by using a solvent recovery system you are doing your bit to protect the world outside your workplace.