How To Improve Your Auto Gas Mileage?

by : Jaison Jacob

The daily problem everybody facing today is the sky rocketing fuel price. But anybody driving their own vehicle cannot avoid it. So it has become a task for each and everyone of us to find out a way to increase or improve our auto gas mileage so that we can save some money on fuel. If you research you will be amazed to find so many different ways to improve auto gas mileage.

Hydrogen boost mileage system is a gas mileage enhancement system that has been developed from a hydrogen gas generator. Hydrogen with other electrolyzed gases accelerates the flame spread during combustion. This process brings fuel to a temperature that allows more injected fuel to vaporize and thereby prepares it for further combustion. Reports claim that this system will improve your gas mileage up to 30 %.

Magnetic type fuel saver will help you to save nearly 25 % of your fuel cost and at the same time improve gas mileage as well. It will also improve the performance of the vehicle. Fuel combustion is done efficiently in many vehicles. This is the reason why we smell petrol or see black fumes from our exhaust pipes. The money we spent on fuel gets wasted due to this. However we have a solution now in the form of the Fuel saver that eliminates the problem of petrol wastage. It breaks down the hard HC molecules and thus offers better combustion. Better auto gas mileage can be achieved by using the Magnetic fuel saver.

Energycel is an amazing product consisting of magnets. It forms a fairly strong magnetic field around the fuel line in your vehicle. This magnetic field will help to pass the gas to the combustion chamber of the engine and thereby improve mileage. It is an eco-friendly product that also clears up the air.

Petromoly is another way to improve auto gas mileage. It is a lubricating engine oil treatment to the vehicle with Molybdenum Disulfide. It not only improves gas mileage but also avoids premature wear and tear of the engine. It has been claimed that Petromoly will improve the gas mileage of a vehicle up to 50 %.

Turbonator is a fuel saver product which is made up of stainless steel. Therefore it is free from any maintenance work. You can easily install it in your vehicle with the screw driver. The turbonator can be installed in the air cleaner or in the air in-take hose depending up on the type of your vehicle. Its dynamic air in flow design helps to improve the air in-take of the vehicle. The users of this product have reasons to claim that it is bound to improve the gas mileage of your vehicle from 10 to 22 %.

Rough driving like speeding or rash driving like stepping on the accelerator and break pedal so hard results in wasting fuel and that causes the decrease in mileage. Smooth and sensible driving improves the auto gas mileage. Usage of overdrive gears help saves fuel and reduces the wear and tear of the engine. You can improve your auto gas mileage by using cruise control while driving on highways.