The Right Tool for the Tool Guys

by : Anthony Fontanelle

Imagine rushing to this home in the suburb because some homemaker called you up to say that their pipe was busted. You made it in time but you were dismayed when you discovered that the tools you needed to do the job were not in your vehicle.

To solve that problem, the Ford Motor Company had thought of a good way so as to help these people who need tools as part of their work. The technology is known as the radio frequency identification (or the RFID) technology. RFID technology would actually help all these people who use tools in their work keep track of where their tools are so they do not have to go rushing to some job only to find out once they are there that the tools are not in the compartment.

To be able to complete the whole RFID technology that would be put in Ford's vehicles, the company had to work with ThingMagic LLC which is known to be the developer of this technology, reported Computer World. Ford also had to team up with DeWalt, a manufacturer of industrial power tools, so as to have somebody do the job of mounting the technology as part of the whole lot of vehicles that Ford offers.

How the RFID technology works is fairly easy. The system would tag all of the tools that one needs. Once all the information is in, the system would then track wherever each one goes. And so before you leave to rush to another job, all you need to do is check the RFID to find out if everything is in. If not, then you can ask RFID where it has gone so you could fetch it. Sure enough, it is going to save anybody much time and RFID is also going to be a big help in earning more money because they did not have to waste much time looking for the right tools to bring.

Bill Frykman is the product and business development manager over at Ford and he disclosed, "We talked to contractors and skilled tradespeople, who told us how often they get to a job site and realize they don't have the tool they need for the job, or they leave the site and don't have the tool with them. It's about making sure you have the right tool at the right time."

And so if you have RFID on your , it is very much likely that you could simply rush to your job without having to go back because you left that trusty T-square or maybe your hard hat.