How To Negotiate So You Can Get A Good Deal For A Vehicle

by : Levi Quinn

If you want a good deal on a vehicle, you have to be willing to negotiate. Negotiation takes some practice, and you need to know what to say and what not to say to the salesperson. When you familiarize yourself with pricing and other information, you can start to work your way into the price that you want. The more you know, the less chance the salesperson has to get over on you.

Here are some pointers you can use when looking to negotiate a deal:

• When you look to negotiate, you should be confident in your demeanor and keep a positive outlook.

• While discussing price and other information with the salesperson, don't do it in a condescending manner. Otherwise, they won't want to work with you.

• Make sure that you have all your ammunition ready when seeking to negotiate a deal for a vehicle. Be ready to have a counter strategy should the salesperson try to get over on you.

• For additional ammunition, being advertisements from other dealerships. This can give the salesperson an incentive to go ahead and give you the best price.

• If possible, try to get your loan financed through your bank or credit union. This way, you save money on unnecessary fees that you would pay if the vehicle were financed through the dealership.

• It's always good to bring someone with you for that extra support. It's even better if the person is experienced in purchasing vehicles from a dealership. That way, they can give you tips on what and what not to do.

Be mindful of any tricks the salesperson may have up their sleeve. They will say things to try and rush you into making a decision. They do this to get you to pay more money when you are trying to get the vehicle for less. Here are some of the lines you may hear from them:

• "The vehicles are leaving the lot fast. This same model may not be here tomorrow. Or if it is, it may be at a higher price." Don't fall for it; you can always leave and go somewhere else. Then, if they really want your business, they'll change their tune.

• If they brag about how many vehicles they've sold in a certain time period, ignore it like the plague. You can walk away and that will let the salesperson know that they are not the only ones in town.

• If the salesperson claims to have another buyer for the same vehicle, telling you "The other person is willing to pay more than what you're offering." In that case,
you'd better run away from that as fast as you can. Don't allow the salesperson to use intimidation to get what they want.

• The salesperson claims the dealership paid so much money to cover overhead costs. This is just another ploy to push your buttons. In this case, have your paperwork available to show otherwise.

Whatever you decide, don't allow these tactics to stop you from getting the best deal for a vehicle. If one dealership is not willing to negotiate, there are many others who will be more than happy to take care of you.