Review on Rubber Floor Mats After our Spring Break Vacation

by : Andrew Bernhardt

So to help paint a realistic picture here, I first need to describe the absolute reckless and careless nature of my brother's children. He's a great parent, but perhaps a bit mellow on the discipline end of things. One example that first pops in my mind is of a road trip to Palm Springs that we made in my Chevy Camaro last spring break.

We were all very excited because this is a yearly trip that we have been making since being children, but when I pulled up at my brother's house, out came the destructive rats from their house and in they came through the passenger window. That's right, they had jumped through the passenger window just like they saw the actors do on Dukes of Hazzard. Their muddy feet went all over my Sheepskin seat covers! I couldn't believe it.

So the first attempt that I made to clean up any further messes was to make sure they stayed buckled up. This was important for their safety as well as for the preservation of my sweet Camaro. Needless to say, the seat belts kept them buckled up but their arms and feet were still flying all over the place while I was driving. I've never seen a brother and sister fight and play as much as these two do. One second they hate each other, and the next second they are best friends.

Luck would have it....I remembered that I received a great gift from my father for Christmas. He sent me some car mats for the trip because we had several outdoor activities planned including hiking, swimming, etc., and the mats were still in my trunk.. So I promptly pulled over at the next exit which happened to be in the lovely town of Fontana. What a place! I'll write more about the Stangs and Chevelles that I saw out there during our brief stay. They also have a great race track there.

The mats were a total success. They were rubber mats and covered the entire flooring of my Camaro! So all I had to do was take the suckers out and hose them down to get all of the mud that the kids tracked in. Simply put, I recommend rubber mats to anyone that has passangers that are anything like my niece and nephew :)

Many of these mats are custom-fit for your ride. This was a major plus because some of the mud stains could have ruined my interior, but the mats held on to the mud like David Tyree did for the Giants in the Super Bowl.