Chivalry is a Honda Door Handle

by : Anthony Fontanelle

Door handles are door handles. Be it the inner or outer handle, the door opens if you lift one up. There isn't really much to be said about them. Most likely, you don't even mind them at all.

But picture this: a man is walking his hot date to his car. She is in her red dress, the back of which is cut dangerously low. Understandably enough, he can't wait to take her home. Finally, he reaches the passenger door of his car. Being the gentleman that he is, he goes to open it for her. However, when he lifts the handle, the door won't open. What a turn off! He goes around, enters the car from the other side, and opens the passenger door from the inside-but he's not sweating from rushing around. Thankfully, she comes inside, wipes his forehead, and smiles.

Of course, if you think that romance is crap, then that story would have ended a lot worse than it did. However, the aftermath of that mishap is not really the point here. The point is that we only realize the value of door handles when they break. Surely, Honda door handles are built to endure constant use and occasional slam during love quarrels, but even the most durable Honda door handle wears out eventually. Nevertheless, there is no need to fret over damaged door handles or suffer the inconvenience these auto parts bring. Honda door handles are inexpensive and come in many styles for every Honda model. It is therefore easy to choose the Honda door handle that suits your car best.

For you hot Honda mommas who open your own door, do it elegantly with a . As for you men, be the gentleman you want to be. Revive chivalry with Honda door handles. Your lady will love you for it.