New Type of Gasoline

by : Charles Cox

There is a newfangled gasoline system that shows a person how to set up a very straightforward water to energy converter into any car which will essentially produce free energy. It is an amazingly uncomplicated technology and it is one of the most workable free energy gadgets imaginable. Remarkable enhancements in gas mileage have been observed by its customers marking its success as well.

The designers of this procedure developed devices that use a little electricity out of any car battery to separate water into a gas called HHO (2 Hydrogen and 1 Oxygen). HHO burns remarkably and yields a ton of energy which results in an end product of only water. Reports have said that HHO provides the atomic potential of hydrogen while maintaining the chemical stability of water. What makes this system go is the fact that HHO gas is about three times more potent than gasoline! Using HHO is a quickly becoming a increasing trend for enhancing performance and MPG.

Lots of experts have been mesmerized with the of hydrogen. The thing is that hydrogen cars with their pressurized hydrogen, and hydrogen gas stations are a huge safety hazard. Believe it or not, it gets worse. Hydrogen factories pollute the atmosphere and blemish the ecological advantage of hydrogen cars. This new system hydrogen on demand, which means that hydrogen is produced only when it is needed. No unsafe storage tanks are needed and it is much healthier for the environment and perfectly safe for car owners and their passengers.

The process offers a cost effective, immediate answer to the energy crisis and is actually good for the . And it is something that can be done at once using only water. This technology will let the user to mix water with gasoline and employ a ton of free energy. With the fuel costs of today, it is unimaginable how much money can be saved from this device. The system can be set up within a few minutes without any engine modifications at all.

Road tests have recorded mileage increases that have doubled. Gasoline costs for consumers could be slashed dramatically with this system. Many people do not understand that water has the capability to be a very robust fuel and this process takes advantage of this fact. In fact, a gallon of water can be expanded to over 1800 gallons of combustible gas with this device.

Another great benefit of employing this system is that it is much more environmentally friendly. Pollution does not occur with this process because it is so effective. Finally, one last benefit reported by the users of this device is that their cars run much smoother, quieter and their engine power is enhanced. In fact, it is expected that car engines will last much longer from this system since they run much cooler.