Suspension Bushes: for Good Health of Your Car

by : Breonna Isabela

The most tragic thing in the life of a motorist is having a car without optimum performance of speed and smoothness. Different small components of your car make this possible. Suspension bushes one such small and rubber made components. These components ensure that the chassis of car must remain in good condition and the tires of your car must have excellent grip on the road. These two particular functions are necessary for the maintenance of the smoothness and speed of your car.

You might know that the job of a car suspension system is to maximize the normal friction between the tires of your car and the road surface. This is also one of the major functions of the suspension bushes. These are fitted to your vehicle at all those points where the chassis of your car is joined to a moving suspension component. So, you must not compromise on their quality and it is your responsibility to use the best ones.

There can be many repercussions of using poor quality suspension bushes which have many drawbacks like too high wear rate, wearing away of mating metal parts, deterioration due to the effects of petrol and oil, poor resilience specially at high hardness, poor load bearing and low tensile strength, high compression set causing permanent deformation. These drawbacks makes them bad for your car and your car can develop overall bad health by using such components.

Therefore, always insist on polyurethane made suspension bushes because polyurethane has a longer working life which is three to four times that of rubber and it is impervious to petrol and vehicle oil. Also, one of the major qualities of polyurethane is high resilience that is the ability and speed of returning back to its original shape. These qualities have made it an ideal component for being used in suspension bushes.

Hence, next time if you are going for a suspension bush replacement then choose poly suspension bushes this is good for your car's health.