Problems With Hybrid Cars

by : Thomas Jones

To buy or not to buy -- that is the question on many peoples mind these days when it comes to purchasing a new car. With gas prices being as astronomically high as they are, a great many people are looking at hybrid cars to solve the "grump at the pump syndrome." Hybrid cars may be money-saving for drivers and a grand "pollution-solution;" however, there are things you may not know that might influence your choice. The following represents examples you should seriously consider as some of the "bad news" about hybrid cars:

1.Hybrid cars incorporate new technology. When technology is new and minimally tested, there always exists the "reboot" scenario. As an example, until all the glitches are resolved, a hybrid car "vehicular reboot" in the middle of rush hour traffic could be a nightmare. Another hard-to-imagine example is being alone and losing power late at night;

2.Hybrid cars are lightweight. Hybrid cars have to accommodate large battery packs making the lighter materials necessary. There may never be "just a fender-bender" in a hybrid car. You should consider that what was once just a minor collision in an ordinary car may be much worse in a hybrid car;

3.Hybrid cars are small. If you have a long Christmas list and wait until the last minute, don't try to take the kids with you in a hybrid car to the mall. Hybrid cars, at the present time, have very limited cargo and seating space;

4.Hybrid cars are too quiet. Taking a silently golden ride down a country road in your hybrid car sounds lovely. BUT - hybrid cars run so silently that a child getting ready to dash across that county road may not hear you coming. While driving any vehicle demands great attention, it is even more important in the quiet hybrid car for the safety of all pedestrians and surrounding traffic; and,

5.Hybrid cars are slow on the "take off." Forget about gunning the engine to beat a train in a hybrid car. Entering onto a freeway or merging may not be as easy with a hybrid car. This issue alone has had many drivers wondering about safety problems.

The above examples were, or could have been, said about conventional automobiles at one time. Skepticism about anything new is common. However, skepticism is important to any decision regarding all large investments. It was probably more daunting to decide to buy an automobile in 1920 than deciding on buying a hybrid car today.

You probably have heard all the catch phrases touting the hybrid car. The "good news" is that hybrid cars are very fuel-efficient, truly environmentally-friendly, and, technologically cutting-edge-not to mention really cool. Before you write the check, though, take your time; do more research; talk to hybrid car owners; take a hide-and-watch stance. When, and if, you decide to buy, know your decision is based on information you have gathered. You wouldn't want buyers' remorse over a hybrid car.