Smoother Truck Rides Even On The Roughest Terrains

by : Dave Text

Different types of suspension system for different driving conditions.

Suspension systems are a linking of shock absorbers and springs that connect the wheels to the vehicle. The purpose of suspension systems is to ease the handling and braking of the vehicle. Another purpose of suspension systems is that they keep the riders comfortable by protecting them from excessive bumps or vibrations from the irregularities of the road. The suspension system of the vehicle is designed to protect it and its contents from wear and tear that may be caused by road vibrations.

Suspension systems affect the driving comfort of vehicles. It also gives a fatigue free and comfortable driving experience both on and off roads. A variety of suspension kits are available for different vehicle types out in the market. The type of road conditions, the weight of the vehicle, load carried and the cost of maintenance of the suspension kits are to be seriously considered when looking for new aftermarket suspension kits.

The combination of the suspension kit is important. It will affect vehicle handling and turning capabilities of the vehicle where it is installed. The most common vehicle suspension upgrades is getting a suspension lift. A truck lift kit will raise the body or suspension, or a combination of the two, by as little or as much depending on the truck's need. A body lift comes in two different formats namely the body lift kit and the suspension lift kit. If the modification wanted by the owner is to change the height of the suspension parts to raise the frame and body of the truck, then a suspension kit is needed. If the owner just wants to lift the truck's chassis on stock suspension then a body lift kit will do. The main reason why owners opt for suspension lift is that they want to lessen the jarring of the truck caused by irregularities in roads.

The highly acclaimed extreme lifting kits available in the market are Full throttle suspension kits. These kits are meant to give the owner an easy time with installation. It is reputed to need no adjustments, either during installation, alignment or suspension. High quality materials with high impact tolerance are used to make full throttle suspension kits. The comfort level and handling of the vehicles on and off road are greatly improved when full throttle kits are installed.

Air Ride Suspension systems are another type of suspension systems. In Air ride Suspension systems upgrades; the stock leaf springs of the suspension kit are replaced by heavy-duty airbags. These heavy-duty airbags absorb the shocks and gives a smoother comfortable feel to the ride of the truck. The airbags of Air Ride Suspension systems are designed to handle any amount of pressure, they are proven more efficient than the conventional leaf spring suspension. Though Air Suspension Systems are relatively new, it is getting popular because it has low maintenance and gives a very comfortable ride. Air Ride Suspension Systems are available for any kind of vehicle. If the owner wants to have a truck suspension that allows it to ride low while riding through flat and stable ground yet bounce or raise high to avoid obstacles on the road, then a particular type of Air Ride suspension system should be used.

The crucial functionality of any suspension kit is to add more comfort and provide better handling to a vehicle. A number of brands offer various combinations of suspension parts that will cater to the numerous needs of off roaders and people wanting to have a smoother ride.