Gas Prices Causing Public Transportation Concerns

by : Brenda Williams

Gas prices are being constantly driven up in price in both Canada and the United States and it doesn't appear as though anything is going to be able to stop this crisis from happening. Gas prices are leaving millions of people in a dilemma of whether to drive or not to work, or if public transportation might be a better option. Now though both the public buses and taxis want to instate new fares to coincide with the current gas prices. The taxi drivers have been complaining that they aren't making any money due to the high cost of gas prices and they feel that they need to increase fare prices to help with the gas costs. Buses are also planning to raise their fares but this shouldn't take effect until early 2009.

With public transportation risking raising their prices this is making it even harder for people to travel around now as some are forced to start walking now. It's also not safe to walk in some inner-city neighbourhoods at night and with the cost of taxis many women are being stuck walking alone at night to their houses. This could pose a number of problems and concerns, and frankly it's only one of the problems with the gas prices rising so high.

Many people aren't driving around much except to work and are staying in more often which isn't good as people need to get out. It's also caused lots of people financial hard ache because they are being forced to either fill-up at the pumps or take public transportation which is also on the rise.

There isn't much solution to the problem though and this is only the early stages of the problem. There isn't any magical stashes of oil that nobody has found and there isn't any oil growing on trees anywhere so people need to begin to adapt to the fact that what once was something taken for granted is now a near used up resource. There is still enough oil to last considerable amount of time but the price will only continue rising and never drop because the fact is there isn't anymore oil once this is gone so countries are charging more for it to try and use less. This is also the reason behind hybrid cars and such that run on alternative energy and is a lot safer for the environment and less of a burden on your wallet.

If you're moving anytime soon make sure that you move close to where you work because in the next twenty years it's going to be important that you live close to everything like work, school, food and such things because gas is going to be extremely costly. So either you must adapt to a new source of energy or you'll need to spend a nice chunk of your pay checks on gas and leave hardly any left for other necessities. Wise people are already switching to other means of energy powered vehicles and these early adapters will be best suited in five to ten years when everyone begins to make the change.