How to Improve Car Fuel Consumption

by : Zouking

With the ever increasing of fuel hitting $4 per gallon, drivers like you and me are looking for alternative to either replace or reduce our fuel usage. Luckily for us, there is a technology available in the market that can allow our conventional car to run on both water and fuel.

This technology allow the water to break down into smaller molecules, called electrolysis. This process cannot be done on any of our normal conventional car. This required installing a small device into your car, that's all.

You will be thinking, does installing this device void our car warranty and insurance ? The answer is no. This installation is just like installing another car turbo meter into your car. Does that void your warranty ? No right. If there is a need, you can alway just remove it. As easy as A B C. It is so easy, even a non-technical guy like me can do it.

Me and my friends have personally tried some of the few product available in the market. We are glad that it worked for us, hoping it will work for you as well. We also have come out with a review site that give you the pro and cons of each product. Do visit the site mentioned below for more information. Trust me, it's worth the time, money and effort.

Why spend over $20000 to purchase a new car that can run on both water and fuel when you can have your own at less then $100. Now you understand why car producers are promoting these hybrid car.

Beside letting your car to run on both water and fuel, there are others ways which we can adopt or uses to improve not only our car performance. So read carefully to what i am about to tell you guys.

First of all, let's start with the acceleration part. Every time we accelerate our car, we are using far more fuel then we are using when driving on a constant speed. So instead of "floor" the accelerator, why not let it gain its speed slowly.

Secondly, drive at a constand speed. Do not try to gain speed trying to change the traffic light ahead. Trust me, it's not worth it. Go slow and easy. Accelerate slowly and keep it at the speed unless there is a need to brake and stop.

Now let's go to the braking part. It is basically the same as the accelerating. Don't just go hard on the brake. Step in slowly. If you brake hard, you are not only damaging your tyres, and using up alot more fuel.

Now is the technical part. Check your tyre pressure regularly. You mind think as long it is 4 wheels, your car body is not too near the ground, it is fine. Trust me, it's not. The more surface area it has on the ground, the more fuel it need to get the car moving. That is the law of Friction. So check the tyre pressure regularly.

Check your engine oil regularly as well. It your engine is well maintain, it will also help you save fuel in the long run.

Lastly, remove those unnessary item behind your car boot. It's the same theory. How do you feel if you are going to cycle up a slope with LOADS of item behind you.

I hope these fews tips will help you get a better ideas of how to save up fuel.